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Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition errata thread

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  • IanWatson
    started a topic Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition errata thread

    Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition errata thread

    Please post your errata here. Note this is just for errors in spelling, formatting, or minor mechanical slip ups.

  • Yuukale
    p. 113: I don't know if this is worth being here but... I believe that the part where it mentions you can move your primary factor up = "Arcanum -1" is a bit convoluted. Instead it could say something along the lines of "The primary factor, before any penalties for higher factor levels, is equal to the spell's highest Arcanum rating. This advancement is voluntary etc."

    I've seen some people get confused by the whole "arcanum -1"

    If there's a reason for this particular wording that I'm not seeing, please disconsider it.
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  • WHW
    Fate Spells:

    Reading the Outmost Eddies:
    There is no restriction on what kind of rolls can you affect by it. As written, you can apply it to Spellcasting, basically making it a Praxis. Similar spells mention "mundane actions" in their descriptions.

    Quantum Flux:
    Quantum Flux, as written, removes Penalties by it's Potency. Description does not restrict this effect to mundane actions. Spell Factors are created by applying Penalties to Spellcasting roll; thus, as written, Quantum Flux allows you to gain "free" Spell Factors. Second way of using the spell has the restriction in place.

    Sworn Oaths:
    Sworn Oaths grant Boon and a Hex. However, they run out pretty fast, due to applying a Potence number of times, and then disappearing. Seems like there should be some mean of "recharging" the Boon to match the image of long-term Oaths.

    Choose the Thread is not a Fate Spell, but it could use either an ability to choose which roll during Duration it affects, or get +2andAMana Reflexive Action reach like Exceptional Luck does.
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  • The Throne
    my bad....
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  • Mrmdubois
    Casting Sympathetically is considered to be casting at Sensory Range so it costs a Reach and like most Attainments additionally costs a mana.
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  • AegonTargaryen
    "The Advanced Range factor is sensory, meaning that the mage must be able to directly see, hear, or sense her subject. Viewing a subject remotely but in real-time, whether by security camera or magic scrying window, requires an additional Reach. A spell cast with sensory range cannot be dodged by the subject, and does not require an Aimed Spell roll. If the mage has the Space Attainment Sympathetic Range or the Time Attainment Temporal Sympathy, she can cast spells without the need to sense her subject." (p. 114)

    This seems to imply that using Sympathy does not require an additional reach, unlike viewing a subject remotely. I strongly suggest to reconsider this, as 1) it makes perfect sense in the meaning of "reach" to scale it "touch" -> "Advanced Range: Sensory (total reach +1, +1 additional reach if viewed remotely)" -> Advanced Range: Sympathy (total reach +2)" and 2) sympathetic spellcasting leads to some of the most powerful applications of magic (hitting a subject/target from half accross the world/ moving back in time/ teleporting). This should really be kept in check somewhat by at least increasing the neccessary reach and by this making the spell more dangerous due to a possible abyssal backlash.

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  • Anaximander
    In the Special Thanks, there seems to be an extra space before "Bill Bridges" that takes his name out of alignment with the others.

    On pg. 22, Free Council is not indented.

    On pg. 111, the general spellcasting effects table, the bullet points are not aligned.

    On pg. 276, the last "libros efimiros" is not italicized.

    On pg. 282, the paragraph beginning, "Fifty miles southwest of Tucson..." is both not justified and not indented on the first line.

    On pg. 312, "The inhabitants of the Time Before dwelt within, or Ascended to the Supernal Realms." Either add a comma after "Ascended to" or take out the comma after "within."

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  • Yossarian
    p. 79: "In Mage: The Awakening, mages are essentially human, with one major difference; they can choose to wield magic." - should be a colon, not a semicolon.

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  • Satchel
    p. 99-100: The Artifact Merit does not possess the exception to the five-dot limit that the Enhanced Item and Imbued Item Merits do; given that a Profane Urim is a six-dot Artifact that explicitly exists in higher-level variations (p.310), this may need rectified in a manner that accounts for the rating-derived Gnosis of the Merit (though it's probably unlikely that anyone is going to make a cohesive Artifact with more than twenty dots that isn't a major plot element).

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  • Helter Skelter
    Haven't read the posts prior to, apologize for any repeats.

    p. 129 - Suppress Aura (Death 2) lists its Primary Factor as Potency but the spell itself provides static penalties to be read and calls for a flat Clash of Wills if anyone attempts to overcome it. Duration was probably the intended Primary Factor instead.

    p.134 - Interconnections (Fate 1) lists its Primary Factor as Potency but the just reveals a given list of things. This spell looks like its Primary Factor should be Duration.

    p.137 - Sworn Oaths (Fate 2) - Hopefully this isn't just Adobe acting up on me, but the +1 Reach isn't bolded here like it is on all other spells.

    p.140 - Minor editing nit pick, the list of Purviews for Forces do not end with a period when Death and Fate did. Further on, if I recall correctly most do not.

    p. 141 - Influence Heat comes after Kinetic Efficiency breaking the alphabetical order (not sure if this was done for layout issues or if in error)

    p. 145 - Not errata per se, but Levitation feels like a limited version of Telekinesis (Forces 3) =/

    p. 146 - Rend Friction (Forces 3) gives scaling rules for decreasing friction but not for increasing friction. Since the Primary Factor is Potency, the spell should probably outline what happens to a person if they're hit with more than a Potency 1 version of this spell (it just mentions that they move 3 yrds and suffer 1 lethal damage). Also I'll bet people are going to ask questions about this spell like "at what Potency, if at all, is something Frictionless? Or frictionless for all practical purposes?" Might be a good opportunity for Reaching imho.

    p. 146 - Rote skills for Adverse Weather (Forces 5) are Craft / Occult / Science. Seems weird that they aren't the same as Control Weather (Academics / Science / Survival) given Transform Energy and Create Energy share the same Rote Skills.

    p. 157 - State Change (Matter 3) specifies Potency as the Primary Factor which seems strange given only 3 states of matter and jumping liquid is listed as a Reach. Should the Primary Factor be Duration instead?
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  • Yossarian
    p. 19 and 74: this might just be an intentional variant, but these pages use "Thaumaturgists" for the Obrimos nickname, but the rest of the book uses "Thaumaturges"
    p. 73:
    - The word Path should be in italics after "Obrimos" in the "Aether, the" entry.
    - Fate and Time should be in italics under the "Arcadia" entry
    Last edited by Yossarian; 05-16-2016, 02:45 PM. Reason: 74 not 64, blargh

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  • Juhn
    Not sure if it's mentioned in this thread already, but it doesn't seem to mention anywhere in the book that characters can regain willpower from a good night's rest anywhere. It's in CofD core, but ostensibly you're not supposed to need CofD core for basic mechanics like willpower regeneration.

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  • Archive111
    p. 6 (bottom right under Numina) – Several words are partially obscured by faint circled Rs in the background (e.g., Entropic Decay, Mortal Mask and Regenerate).
    p. 23 (first paragraph top right) – ‘…but where those Sleepers explore the shallows of their souls…’ The ‘their’ before shallows should be ‘the’.
    p. 32 (right column) – Several words next to the picture contain unnecessary spacing and the paragraph needs to be reformatted (e.g., van-ished, because).
    p. 39 (second paragraph under Magic is Fragile) – ‘How easy would it be for you to justify yourself?’ Add ‘it’ before the word ‘be’.
    p. 60 (Democracy Seeks the Truth) – ‘…(and thus, Libertines can comfortably co-exist within a Consilium…’ The word ‘comfortable’ should be replaced with ‘comfortably’.
    p. 63 (The Obrimos Awakening: The Aether) – ‘That doesn’t mean their Awakening itself is a sober, rational thing.’ The word ‘is’ should be removed from before the word ‘itself’.
    p. 74 (Primal Wild) – The word ‘Tyrsus’ should be changed to ‘Thyrsus’.
    p. 82 (top right) – ‘Determine free Resistance Attribute dot: Composure, Resolve, or Stamina’ Add the word ‘dot’.
    p. 90 (top left paragraph) – ‘However, the bonus dice afforded by high Gnosis fade one per week instead.’ Change the word ‘once’ to ‘one’.
    p. 92 (third paragraph down on left) – Why would a light-based invisibility spell conceal a target from Mind Sight but not Life Sight? Couldn’t Mind Sight detect the presence of a thinking being in the same manner Life Sight detects a living being? Also, the fact that the vampire power ‘isn’t light-based’ should have no bearing on whether it conceals a target from Forces Sight. The vampire power works more universally because it directly affects the mind so only Mind Sight, which provokes a Clash of Wills, has a chance to see through it.
    p. 96 (Lifespan) – ‘A mage can use magic to boost these traits as described above…’ Where is the ability of the mage to boost the traits actually described above?
    p. 97 (Life) – ‘These monsters are always primal, brutal and operate according to animal instinct.’ The word ‘operating’ should be changed to ‘operate’.
    p. 99 (Creating Demesnes) – ‘The mage doesn’t have to use her own soul stone, though doing otherwise makes the process longer and more difficult.’ How is this statement reflected systematically?
    p. 99 (Artifact) – ‘…a unique item independently empowered to create sorcerous effects.’ The word ‘to’ should be moved in front of the word ‘create’.
    p. 99-100 (Artifact) – There are no rules for how the Artifact recharges its Mana pool.
    p. 99-100 (Artifact) – Is an Artifact limited to instant casting or can it be used to perform ritual casting? The Utility Attainment example discusses an Artifact that casts at Sympathetic Range which would require 2 Reach when the third paragraph expressly states an Artifact cannot Reach beyond the free Reach for the Arcana rating.
    p. 102 – The High Speech Merit appears out of alphabetical order and should be moved to follow Hallow.
    Artifact and Imbued Item Merits – The descriptions for both of these Merits are somewhat confusing and it would be helpful if they were made more consistent, where applicable, and clarified.
    p. 104 (Sanctum) – ‘…the benefit goes away and she must Reach as if she’d cast each of those spells without the benefit.’ The word ‘she’ should be added before the word ‘must’.
    p. 105 (Library, Advanced) – The dots in the rating are different sizes.
    The Door Part V – ‘We kept all the top floor apartments and lived there with some of the other Acolytes…I would tell myself this at night, while we lay in our bed, while you slept peacefully next to me, my own eyes open and staring through the wall that separated our room from the storage room.’ These statements conflict with the following statement in Part IV made while in the room with the Iris, ‘The sounds of the workers the Caucus brought in to renovate the building echoed in the floors above and below.
    p. 113 (Potency) – Does the +2 Potency from Advanced Potency act as additional Potency for all purposes or only to increase the spell’s withstand ability against dispellation?

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  • Yossarian
    Originally posted by Neall View Post

    Nope. This is an archaic usage of sit as a verb, but a deliberate choice.
    Oops. I'm sure I've heard that phrase, too...

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  • Charlaquin
    Originally posted by Satchel View Post
    Explicitly no. "These Merits must be logical parts of the identity, at Storyteller discretion, and cannot include further Masques."
    Wow, I totally overlooked that line because of the page break. Thank you!

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