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The Other Five Paths (2e)

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  • just some idea : Axios: watchtower of adamantine scale (a symbol of trading)

    inferior arcanum : life is no gift, its a bargain , you can live but you will die, you can feel joy but you will also suffer , it is just a tool, what you can do with wile living is more important , than live in itself.
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    • Taking some inspiration from the naming of the Mæstros Realm, I'm thinking of calling the Axios Realm “the Divine Commonwealth”.

      In other news, Storyteller's Vault is about to open a section for Chronicles of Darkness, including Mage: the Awakening, and I'm thinking of publishing this as soon as I can finish it. Does anyone who has contributed text object to me doing so? If I go through with this, I'm certainly going to do my best to give credit where credit is due; but spreading any income I make off of it to contributors isn't going to be feasible.


      • some new ideas :
        KLEOS: Rulig Arcana Time and Mind - learning is just the recall of things you knew in the Future.

        inferior Arcanum Space - all minds are connected even across time itself ( the forseeing and correct prediction of the future , the repeat of history) as such Distance has no meaning.

        Maestros: Rulig Arcana Forces and Spirit - The forces of the universe have a Soul ! Theire Language are Fire and Lightning and they are imbued with a literal Spark of Life that is burning to bright and to hot , to be contained in a fleshy Shell.

        inferior Arcanum Prime - The supernal for all its glory is empty without the souls that are reflected in it .