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  • just some idea : Axios: watchtower of adamantine scale (a symbol of trading)

    inferior arcanum : life is no gift, its a bargain , you can live but you will die, you can feel joy but you will also suffer , it is just a tool, what you can do with wile living is more important , than live in itself.
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    • Taking some inspiration from the naming of the Mæstros Realm, I'm thinking of calling the Axios Realm “the Divine Commonwealth”.

      In other news, Storyteller's Vault is about to open a section for Chronicles of Darkness, including Mage: the Awakening, and I'm thinking of publishing this as soon as I can finish it. Does anyone who has contributed text object to me doing so? If I go through with this, I'm certainly going to do my best to give credit where credit is due; but spreading any income I make off of it to contributors isn't going to be feasible.


      • some new ideas :
        KLEOS: Rulig Arcana Time and Mind - learning is just the recall of things you knew in the Future.

        inferior Arcanum Space - all minds are connected even across time itself ( the forseeing and correct prediction of the future , the repeat of history) as such Distance has no meaning.

        Maestros: Rulig Arcana Forces and Spirit - The forces of the universe have a Soul ! Theire Language are Fire and Lightning and they are imbued with a literal Spark of Life that is burning to bright and to hot , to be contained in a fleshy Shell.

        inferior Arcanum Prime - The supernal for all its glory is empty without the souls that are reflected in it .


        • TO DO LIST
          Now that Signs of Sorcery is out (early release at this time), I can look at what else needs to be done with the Paths.

          First, each Path needs a “Vision of Truth” entry describing the Supernal World of that Path: how the Ruling Arcana are viewed, and how the other Arcana for into its worldview. This needs to be followed by one Environmental Tilt for each Ruling Arcanum for use with the Aedes systems.

          After that, I need to devise a series of Boons for each Path's Supernal Entities, one per Arcanum. See Signs of Sorcery pp.39–43 for examples.

          Next, there are charts for Classical Tools and Ars Novum Tools for each Path (pp.47–48); those will need counterpart tables for these Paths.

          I've already started work on how Perfected Materials should apply to the various new Paths. But that needs to be completed. This should be done in conjunction with the Path Tools, since one of the entries there is materials.

          I also need to decide Annulities for each Path, as their Inferior Arcana by design do not overlap with the official five Paths.

          I think that's it. Am I missing anything?


          • I'm thinking that for the Kleos, their Mage “Sight” might actually be predominantly auditory, or at least have a large auditory component: in particular, their Aedes likely take the form of Rhythms (Time) and Rhymes (Mind). Their Supernal World is filled with songs, with the seven Common Arcana being described in terms of different kinds of music and Space being described as the sound of silence. I'll need to work on the particulars, of course.

            With this in mind, I'm rethinking the name of their Supernal World: instead of the Akashic Record, maybe something to the effect of a Symphony of some sort? But I want to retain the “record of the past” aspect that the Akashic Record brought to the table.
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            • Update: due to a recent reveal that an upcoming Mage supplement will be addressing the other five Annulities (Nameless & Accursed, presumably related to the Abyssal ziggurats), I'm putting that part of the project on hold. I'll revisit it if it turns out that the official Annulments for Fate, Life, Prime, Space, and Time turn out to be unsuitable for these Paths; but until then, I'm going to leave them be.

              But that does open up another issue: if it turns out that the ziggurats corresponding to the Watchtowers have different Inferior Arcana, then which Inferior Arcana should the ziggurats corresponding to these Paths have? The rules are that they must come from the set of Death, Forces, Matter, Mind, and Spirit, and each Arcanum must be paired with exactly one ziggurat. What I'm thinking right now is this:

              Aretos ziggurat: Inferior Spirit
              Axios ziggurat: Inferior Mind
              Kleos ziggurat: Inferior Forces
              Mæstros ziggurat: Inferior Death
              Sophros ziggurat: Inferior Matter


              • There is also of Mage Sight; how do the new Paths 'see' their ruling Arcana and how do these phenomena show the other Arcana?

                Thoughts ripple out, birthing others