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​[2E Mystery] Yellow Sign - Hallows network corruption and Abyssal Astral Realm

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  • ​[2E Mystery] Yellow Sign - Hallows network corruption and Abyssal Astral Realm

    It’s my second take on my own idea of Abyssal Intruder that shifts Ley Lines patterns, eat people souls and make real insane Astral Realm. In the end, it makes alien, horror version of Time Before local reality. Mystery was initially created as large part of my one London chronicle and I think it easily can lead to few stories as it is.

    Official inspirations are: King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, True Detective TV series ( first season ), In Mouth of Madness movie, Sailor Moon Infinity arc ( manga ) and Sailor Moon S series (anime), my sick imagination and previous version of this Abyssal Realm – Annunaki. Hopes you like what will you read – comments, as always, are more than welcome.

    P.S. I advise to listen this piece of art when reading description.


    Eons ago, in dark reaches of space, there were enlightened civilization that lived in peace, amidst of Hyades star cluster. But then madness attacked it as sickness – called Yellow Sign – spreading first in nobles, then in commoners, leading to mass killings of themselves and, finally, to dusk of this society. This is how ended Dim Carcosa.

    But it’s all Lie. In the Time Before, when Awakened broke reality and storm the Heavens, their civilization left forever imprint on Astral Realms – even when it was instantly edited outside of world by new Tyrants. Today, mages called this place and time “Atlantis”, but they overlooked one thing – Abyss always remembers. In the heart of Void, in the same instant, there were created Abyssal version of “Awakened City” – and it crawls back in to world from the depths of Ocean Oroboros and Astral reflection of Aldebaran star.

    Woe to those that come cross her way. Once victim – Sleeper or Awakened – come in contact with Yellow Sign in any form, it will possessed their thoughts and actions, eating piece by piece their soul, filling their with it’s madness instead. Intruder, literally, eat prey’s Oneiros, changing it slowly to small realm of original Annunaki. Once soul is eaten, there is no return for the victim – it can be only slave to City from Stars, repeating actions realm is pulling it to do. Soulless thrall is there only to spread insanity of this Abyssal dimension on other people and defend it. This is the fate of damned Carcosa.

    Horrible rumors point that if enough humans souls in region will be consumed for it, Yellow Sign will make it’s insane world into reality. King in Yellow will come in flesh and by foul rites he will make local urban center slowly shift to reflect and then – to become – Carcosa of the mad visions. Apparently, a sign that the Intruder sneaked in the area is getting faster and faster change network of Hallows in this looks like Hyades star cluster...

    New Condition - Illuminated (Persistent)
    Character has been “Illuminated” by the Yellow Sign. He wants to re-enact King in Yellow play ( even if she does not know consciously it ). She dreams about Carcosa and visages of Pallid and his Mask. She unconsciously draw Yellow Sign. One of characters Aspirations ( if Sleeper ) or Obsessions ( if Awakened ) is changed to “Carcosa” or “King in Yellow Play”. After his Willpower dots of days having being Illuminated, character starts the Soul Loss Condition. Treat then previous Aspiration or Obsession as new Vice of character. For Awakened, each lost Willpower and Gnosis dot lowers Opacity of Yellow Sign Mystery by 1 for Mage Sight of character.

    Resolution: Character completely forget about anything connected to Yellow Sign or Carcosa.

    Beat: Character is “playing her role” in the King in Yellow play. Character makes Yellow Sign in place where other people can find it or spread it’s madness in other way. Character is dedicated her whole day on research over Carcosa.

    Yellow Sign graphics...


    This pervasive Abyssal Intruder is both known and unknown. At least from over one hundred there is written enigmatic theatrical play called “King in Yellow” that loyal cultist worship as divine text. It describes Carcosa, King in Yellow himself, and glimpses on the madness of Intruder at large. At least few times Awakened around world crossed their way with this alien realm-being.

    But in vain – because centuries ago cursed Logophages Legacy, hiding in Guardians of Veil, found out about this Intruder. Seeing how only forgetting about Carcosa can stop this damned cycle of madness – they come with solution. Using their Left-Hand powers, they eat and edit memories of victims, burning any related works describing Yellow Sign in any possible way – and silencing those that cannot be saved. Rumors say that London, with it’s Runewalking Mystery, is exceptionally subject to this emanations of the Abyss – and that Great Fire of 1666 is result of cleansing done by Memory Eaters. It’s also, by those stories, reason why Guardians rule in London.

    Other Legacy become open threat when in contact with Yellow Sign – each Children of Stars coven that dwell in physical or Astral great voids of cosmos can quickly be obsessed by this Intruder. Children’s dedication to looking for signs of their First Ones quickly change into Scelesti worship of this Annunaki. They then often start to print Yellow Sign where they think others will find and spread copies of King in Yellow play in occult underground.


    Here is a list of Entities that make up Yellow Sign Intruder.
    • Pallid ( Pallid Mask ) - Abyssal Goetic emissary that's infects with Yellow Sign particular Oneiros - and is coping itself to next host. It’s Rank 4 being with Ban: “Shattering or taking off his Mask makes instant Discorporate on him”. He hails from the "King in Yellow" Plays Temenos Realm.
    For those that do not know how Pallid looks - here is cool image:
    • Kind in Yellow - Rank 5 Abyssal Anima Mundi Archetype of Madness god from Astral Aldebaran reflection. In reality, "physical" avatar of Carcosa. Still do not have idea on Ban and Bane, but surely he will have Madness as Influence.
    Cool graphics of more literal version of King in Yellow

    • Temenos Realm of King in Yellow Play – Obscure theatrical plays Temenos Realm, full of weird senses and actors from it’s text. Each one of it are small Abyssal Goetia – like Camilla, Cassilda or Thale - that can drive it’s host insane. Most of the time it’s thrown away from local Astral enough to be harmless – but more and more people read King in Yellow Play, the closer Realm is to local Metropolic ( Astral Realm of particular City ) – and with sufficiently close, Goetia just “jump” to it, spreading Carcosa in massive unconsciousness of this city.
    • Carcosa - Like Prince of 100,000 Leaves, true Intruder is the Realm in itself - one of Annunaki, Abyssal Worlds - in this example it's Anima Mundi Astral reflection of Aldebaran in Haydes star cluster. Rumors says it can be one of Atlantis. Eons ago it was twisted by Abyss and wants to bring it's madness rules of cosmos on whole reality, especially Earth. Infecting and eating humans souls is most straight way for it. Rank 7 Abyssal Goetic Entity.
    And Carcosa image...

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    Yellow Sign as Mage Sight Mystery
    I use here schema from my Mystery Sheet to describe this Intruder for Mage Sight of characters.
    Other names:
    Corrupted Mandala, Carcosa, City from Stars
    Concept: Abyssal Astral Realm - Annunaki - of ruined city of Madness from stars that infects people and eat their souls in process, wanting to become 'real'.
    Range: Worldwide, but controlled by Logophages mages as prime duty, that rise it's Opacity constantly to make Awakened forget it. Typically, only one city is attacked in each instance.
    Location: London City - Yellow Sign centuries ago attacked it by combaining with Runewalking Mystery and Hallow network.
    Important NPCs: Pallid (Emissary) - Abyssal Goetia, Rank 4, King in Yellow - Abyssal Goetia, Rank 5, Logophages members
    Described in: King in Yellow play
    Locked With Mysteries: None

    Peripheral Mage Sight

    Clash of Wills: Yes
    Dice Pool: Pallid = 8; King in Yellow = 10;

    ActiveMage Sight

    Main Arcanum: Mind (from seeing Goetia), Prime (for Hallows shifting quality)
    Supernal Magic: No
    Focused Mage Sight

    Opacity: 7
    Surface Information ​

    Rest of Arcana: Death ( for Soul-Eating effect ), Prime ( for Hallows shifting quality )
    Resonance: Hidden
    Age: Time Before
    Power Level - Arcanum Rating: 5 Practice: Making and Unmaking
    Deep Information
    Gnosis Equivalent: 7 ( Pallid is 4 and King is 5 )
    Realms Invisible: Abyss, Astral
    Specific Nature: Abyssal Astral Realm
    Effects on the World: Eating souls; "Becoming real" by shifting Hallows
    Scale and Strength: Mystery will last till full Soul Loss - and then can become Lasting; Hallows lasting shirting; Change of local urban center
    Similar to Mysteries: ?
    Arcana Relation: Mind - "building blocks" of Carcos; Death - Soul Eating of Intruder; Prime - Making "reality" Carcosa
    Actions Involving: ?
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      As I ran whole plot with created beings to it, here are NPCs for the Mystery. There are two kinds, both in Abyssal versions. Goetia are Astral archetypes and 'demons of mind'. Horrors are 'physical' beings, rules for them are in CoD Rulebook - but those particular are ones from Anima Mundi Realm of Carcosa. King in Yellow is more from nightmares and dreams than body flesh, but Feaster from Afar is physical only in Carcossa. As both Avatars of Hastur, you can change King in Yellow into Feaster from Afar, or vice versa. Treat yourself.

      Warning: Fight with King almost beat my high ranking mages test cabal with Abyssal specialists - 10 Awakened, Gnosis 5-6, Masters or Double Adepts, 5 of them from Choir of Hashmallim. By the end of of it, they were with no Mana. Do not throw Avatars of Madness as direct threat if you are not sure your PCs can handel it.

      Name: King in Yellow ( Hastur ) Type: Abyssal Goetia
      Rank: 5 ( Avatar of Rank 6 entity - Carcosa ) Size: 5

      Power: 15 Finesses: 11 Resistance: 13 Essence: 50/50
      Corpus: 18 Willpower: 10 Initiative: 26 Defense: 11 Speed: 31

      Influences: Madness 5, Paradox 5 Manifestations: 5 to choose, thought about Posses

      • Unbreakable
      The creature is nearly indestructible. Any attack that does not score an exceptional success inflicts only a single point of bashing damage. Exceptional successes inflict damage as normal. If the creature has a weakness of some sort, attacks incorporating that weakness bypass this power.
      • Resistant by me
      Entity resist Supernal Magic much more efficiently than other of her kind – she get’s automatic Withstand source equal to its Rank against Awakened spells. That means she generally have Rank+1 Withstand, as its Attributes are normal source of Withstand, see rules of Withstanding, MtAw 2E page 114.
      • Flesh of Abyss by me ( idea from amechra )
      Entity is build from the stuff of Abyss itself. That means, Supernal Magic have really harder time to interact with it. Each spell cast on entity is treated as one Spell Factor lower – that means that attack spells makes one damage lower, Scale is treated as needing to get Size 6 to work on it and Duration is shorter than caster imagined when making Imago.
      • Copies by me
      The entity is ‘one in many’. She can make copies of herself, working like effects of Manifold Presence spell, giving many possible instances of it. They all are connected to proper entity, but not so hurting. Each copy can be destroyed with full Bashing damage of Corpus from main entity and takes one Willpower from entity pool. Each copy is treated as entity itself for using it’s powers or targeting it’s targets.
      • Paradox Gorging by GibberingEloquence
        The entity reflexively rolls Resistance + Rank whenever Paradox is incurred in its presence. Each Success heals 1 lethal or bashing damage, and 3 Successes heals 1 aggravated damage. They may use their Influence over Paradoxes in conjunction with this Aspect and Numina to keep healing every turn. Paradox Gorging let's an Abyssal reflexively eat another of equal or lesser Rank by spending 1 willpower point and rolling Power + Rank vs Resistance + Rank. Success destroys the target Abyssal, and the gorging entity heals [the target's Rank x 2] in any type of damage.
      • Presence of Paradox by amechra
        The ephemeral being is thoroughly tainted by the stuff of the Abyss - treat it as if it were an entire crowd of Sleepers for the purposes of calculating Paradox dice pools, except it adds dice equal to its Rank rather than just one. In addition, it may spend Essence reflexively to cancel Mana spent to mitigate a Paradox dice pool on a one-to-one basis.
      • Madness
      Anyone seeing Hastur need to roll Composure + Supernatural Advantage each turn, or they will go mad. Mind Shield spell makes it Clash of Wills on Gnosis + Mind of caster. On losing, victim makes any commands of Hastur and recite damn verses of theatrical play.
      • Summoning
      King in Yellow can summon Rank 1-3 Abyssal Goetia beings spending 1 Essence for each in Carcosa.
      • Blast
      Projection of mind braking insanity – works as from CoD Rulebook.

      “He felt it coming. The air grew frigid, as if it blew out of the black interstices of interstellar space… It glided down out of the icy sky like the final concentrated essence of all nonhuman horror. It was black, infinitely old, shriveled and humped like some kind of enormous air-borne monkey. A kind of iridescence played about it and its fixed blazing eyes were of no color known on earth… As it grew close to the knoll, it extended appendages, which resembled tentacles, tipped with knifelike talons.”
      –Joseph Payne Brennan, “The Feaster from Afar”

      Name: The Feaster from Afar ( Hastur ) Type: Abyssal Horror Potency: 9 Size: 25

      Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Resolve 6
      Physical Attributes: Strength 9, Dexterity 7, Stamina 10
      Social Attributes: Presence 7, Manipulation 3, Composure 1

      Mental Skills: Occult 3
      Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 5, Survival 3, Weaponry 3
      Social Skills: Intimidation 4, Subterfuge 2

      Merits: Hardy •••, Iron Stamina •••, Relentless ••, Iron Will ••, Grappling •••
      Dread Powers: Flying, Unbreakable, Resistant, Flesh of Abyss, Paradox Gorging, Natural Weapons ••• (Tentacles), Multi-Attack ••••, Freighting, Armor ( Potency/2)
      Willpower: 16
      Virtue: Simple
      Vice: Hungry
      Aspirations: To devour lives. Sate hunger.
      Initiative: 8
      Defense: 8
      Speed: 15
      Health: 35
      Armor: 4/0
      • Multi-Attack – Can attack extra time up to dots. ( Feaster can make up to 5 attacks in round because of his multiple heads. )
      • Freighting - Anyone seeing Hastur need to roll Resolve + Composure each turn, or they will run for their lives. Mind Shield spell makes it Clash of Wills on Gnosis + Mind of caster. On losing, victim makes run as fast as it can from Hastur.
      Type Damage Range Dice Pool
      Tentacle and Biting 3L Melee 14

      Name: ‘Flat’ Shadows Type: Abyssal Goetia Rank: 2 Size: 5

      Power: 4 Finesses: 4 Resistance: 3 Essence: 15/15
      Corpus: 8 Willpower: 7 Initiative: 26 Defense: 11 Speed: 31

      Influences: Spatial 2, Paradox 2 Manifestations: 2
      Numina: Flesh of Abyss, Presence of Paradox , Flattening
      • Flattening by me
      Being can make 3D being into 2D beings image, that is also living. He need to win Grapple Contest and spend 1 Willpower.

      Name: Byakhee Type: Abyssal Horror Potency: 3 Size: 5

      Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
      Physical Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
      Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3

      Mental Skills: Investigation 2
      Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Survival 2
      Social Skills: Intimidation 3, Subterfuge 2
      Dread Powers: Flying, Flesh of Abyss, Natural Weapons •• ( Claws and Biting ), Armor ( Potency/2)
      Willpower: 9
      Virtue: Obeying
      Vice: Hungry
      Aspirations: To devour lives. To travel outside of space
      Initiative: 7
      Defense: 6
      Speed: 14
      Health: 8
      Armor: 1/0

      Type Damage Range Dice Pool
      Claws 1L Melee 8
      Biting 2L Melee 8
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