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​Supernal Anchors (2E Conversion)

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  • ​Supernal Anchors (2E Conversion)

    Sculpted into their present forms by magic, these crystallized essences of Supernal entities function as potent soul stones for the Mage who create them. While creating one is a dire Act of Hubris, and possibly fatal as it requires the summoning and binding of a Supernal being, a given Anchor has a connection to the Supernal World deeper and stronger than that of an Awakened soul.

    A Supernal Anchor possesses all the benefits of a conventional soul stone (Mage Second Edition, p. 98), with certain exceptions...

    • Anchors have a minimum Size rating of 2, with those crafted from stronger entities typically being larger (up to a maximum of Rank + 2). They also tend to take the form of objects resonant with the entity's Realm. One resonant with Arcadia takes the form of a crystal orb, while another tied to Pandemonium is an iron sigil.

    • Anchors have Durability and Structure equal to the half the entity's Resistance, rounded up.

    • Anchors incorporated into a Demesne render all spells performed within immune to Dissonance.

    • When used as a tool Yantra, an Anchor provides a +2 bonus on spells from its Ruling Arcana, and +1 for those from the Common Arcana. These bonuses are increased by one if the Mage is of its Realm's Path.

    • When used to create a Demesne, the Supernal Anchor covers a larger area of effect compared to regular soul stones. Treat the Rank of the Anchor's imprisoned entity as the number of regular soul stones used to determine the Demesne's Area, and the target number required on the Attainment roll.

    • Spells cast from the Demesne’s Arcana achieve an Exceptional Success on 3 successes rather than 5. If they are Praxes, they always score an Exceptional Success and never suffer from Dramatic Failures.

    • Mages who study a Supernal Anchor can determine the Signature Nimbus of its creator and the Rank of the trapped entity.

    To create an Anchor, a mage must have the Supernal Anchor Merit and a suitable Supernal being. Once he has weakened or successfully negotiated with the entity, he may reflexively spend Willpower and Mana in order to begin the soulcrafting process.

    Dice Pool: Gnosis + Arcanum
    Action: Extended (Successes required = 10 * entity's Rank; 1 turn per roll)
    Cost: 1 Willpower + Mana equal to the Rank of the entity

    Roll Results

    Dramatic Failure: The attempt fails, and both the Mage and Supernal being suffer a point of Aggravated Damage if the process was consensual. If the entity's Corpus was completely reduced to initiate the process, it may choose to return to the Supernal World if in a resonant Verge or a summoning circle. Otherwise, it must succeed on a Power + Finesse roll to Scour the Mage's pattern (see below), or be consumed by the Abyss.

    Failure: The player accrues no successes. The Mage can either quit the attempt, or take a Condition to continue.

    Success: The player accrues successes toward the total. If she reaches the target number of successes, she may spend a Willpower dot to transform the Supernal being into a soul stone..

    If the Supernal being is forcibly reshaped, it may roll its Resistance roll every turn, with a target number equal to the Mage's dice pool. If it reaches the target number before the Mage can complete the binding, it can break the ritual, Scouring the Mage's pattern in the process. The entity rolls Power + Finesse, with each success inflicting a single point of lethal damage on the Mage. At the same time, it heals two points of bashing damage or one point of lethal, or downgrades a point of aggravated damage to lethal for each success scored,

    Exceptional Success: As success. If she achieves five or more successes above the target number, she regains the Willpower and Mana spent on the crafting process.
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    This is tied to my conversion of the Supernal Anchor Merit in my Homebrew Mage Merits thread. And it was also inspired by the section on Omphalos Stones found in the Sundered World chapter of Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras. As always, critique is appreciated.

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