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[Proximi Family / Guess What I've Been Reading!] The House Atreides

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  • [Proximi Family / Guess What I've Been Reading!] The House Atreides

    The House Atreides

    [Bla bla clever way of integrating the Atreides into the World of Darkness. I'm thinking a small Franco-Graecian family that settled in the Sahara after Leto I's service in the French Foreign Legion, where they discovered a form of naturally occurring Tass (the spice). I can't decide whether or not the founding member would be Paul or Ghanima.]

    Nickname: The Hawks
    Appearance: The Atreides are decidedly aquiline in appearance - they tend towards handsomeness, with bronze hair and light coffee skin. Their most exceptional trait, however, is their solid blue eyes - both their irises and the whites are stained a solid, slightly phosphorescent blue. These strange eyes are a side effect of their hereditary addiction to the melange, a form of naturally occurring Tass that generates itself in the sands near their home.
    Parent Path: Kleos
    Blessings (Life, Mind, Time):
    Life - Cleanse the Body (•), Body Control (••), Control Instincts (••), Purge Illness (••), Heightened Senses (••)
    Mind - Know Nature (•), Mental Scan (•), Perfect Recall (•), Emotional Urging (••), Memory Hole (••), Mental Shield (••), Clear Thoughts (•••)
    Time - Divination (•), Momentary Flux (•), Postcognition (•), Constant Presence (••), Shield of Chronos (••), Veil of Moments (••)
    Curse: A side effect of the Atreides addiction to melange is that they are addicted to melange. While it is an anagathic beyond compare (Atreides can reach over a hundred with minimal health complications), their life expectancy is maybe a year or two if they are cut off from their source. Atreides living at home get enough in their daily diet that this isn't a problem, but leaving home is a supremely uncomfortable experience. Plus, there's the fact that even the least gifted member of the dynasty gets flashes of memories from their ancestors - it isn't uncommon for family members to be fluent in one or more dead languages that they shouldn't have had any contact with.
    Persistent: If they go at least three days without consuming at least one Mana worth of "spice", they suffer the Deprived condition and cannot use any Blessings belonging to the Time Arcana.
    Beat: The Atreides have a drastically different outlook on life, compared to those around them. Whenever someone misjudges them and their knowledge due to age or gender, take a Beat.
    Severe: If a member of the Atreides overdoses on melange or suffers a Paradox, their minds unhinge from time and the combined weight of their ancestry threatens to consume them. Replace one of their Aspirations with one appropriate to one of their ancestors; if they still have such an Aspiration when this is triggered again, replace an additional Aspiration and adjust their Vice to match.
    Oblations: Meditate on the past. Exercise. Recite the family mantras.
    Character Concepts: [Dunno. Always sucked at this part.]

    The Severe condition is because Alia. Heck, all of the Blessings are basically Bene Gesserit teachings + Atreides precognitive fuckery. Constant Presence is probably the iffiest one of the list - it just felt pretty appropriate and thematic.

    As for Awakened members, you have Paul (because of fucking course), and Leto II. The whole sandworm thing was just an exceptionally weird Legacy. I picked Hieraoidos since I wanted both Life and Time, but neither Fate nor Spirit were terribly appropriate. Plus, Mind felt really necessary to the whole shebang.
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  • amechra
    I'll fix that up, then.

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  • Dataweaver
    Ack! The term “Hieraoidos” has been deprecated in favor of “Kleos”. I really need to get back to the 2e thread and finish updating it. Not right now, though; I need to get to work.

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