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    So I have a big roll of Legacies updates to 2E - both official and my own - and better will be to list them in one topic so they would not got lost in passing months. Enjoy those!

    Official Legacies updates:
    • Choir of Hashmallim 2E - Dominions fighting with Abyss by summonig Angels - from Summoners book
    • Cult of Doomsday Clock 2E - Terrorist wanting to end Time and Fallen World - from Legacies: The Sublime book
    • Hollow Keepers 2E - Sacred Urns creators that stick souls in them - from Dark Eras book
    • Reality Stalkers 2E - Mysterium's greatest thieves - from their Order book
    • Stone Scribes 2E - Mysterium's summoners of peoples past - from Legacies: The Sublime
    • Uncrowned Kings 2E - Silver Ladder and Free Council alchemists that perfect themselves by changing other things - from 1E corebook
    Created Legacies:
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    My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
    LGBT+ through Ages
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    Added my Legacies updates done to this day

    My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
    LGBT+ through Ages
    LGBT+ in CoD games


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      Added my Illusionists of Truth to the list.

      My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
      LGBT+ through Ages
      LGBT+ in CoD games


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        Added my Stone Scribes update.

        My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
        LGBT+ through Ages
        LGBT+ in CoD games


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          Added my Cult of the Doomsday Clock 2E update.

          My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
          LGBT+ through Ages
          LGBT+ in CoD games


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            I haven't been playing long and I like the other legacy stuff that you have done. Would you be able to help with the Perfected Adepts.


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              Originally posted by Hardwire99 View Post
              Would you be able to help with the Perfected Adepts.
              Will look into them in free time.

              My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
              LGBT+ through Ages
              LGBT+ in CoD games


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                Thanks for the assistance.


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                  BTW: i thought I would try my hand at a Custom Legacy. I would value your opinion and any suggestions.

                  Ephemeral Wraiths
                  The study of death and of the soul is an obsession for many different groups. Most never take this study past the academic curiously. They sit around and wonder about life beyond the grave and romanticize about reunions with lost loved ones. However there are the few that will take their studies further looking at the cause an effect, trying to come up with some rhyme or reason to explain what lies beyond. However that are stopped due to a true understanding of death.

                  The awakened have learned to look beyond the lie and to start looking at the fundamentals of what it means to die. Still very few of them can grasp the intricacies that surround the human soul and fail to look past their limited views defined by their own arcana. The Moros have master the concepts of death and the soul and how to affect it. They know that they can heal the soul, harm it and even destroy it. Then there are those among their ranks that look to have an even closer understanding.

                  There are three groups among the Moros that have taken their studies of the soul to extreme heights. The Tremere Lich whose only goal is to devour it to extend his own miserable like. The shadow binders that wish only to torment the soul and rip it out of the living to trade and for their own amusement. Then there are the Ephemeral Wraiths, they wish to transform their essence into a hybrid form, a meshing of awakened being and that an Ephemeral Entity called a ghost.

                  The Wraiths, as that are called, do not look to control the soul or harm it in any way. Their goal is to understand it so that they may one day transform into a Ghost-Mage, the liches can get there but through a much darker path. Their studies begin with viewing the souls of the living, looking at what for that magical key that will determine why a dead person turns into a ghost. Studies show that not everyone that dies will become a ghost condemned to walk in twilight for eternity.

                  As their studies progress they learn to strengthen these souls and to manipulate these souls after death. They study the connection the normal ephemeral substance that makes up the twilight and the ephemeral composition of a ghost. They spend endless hour watching ghosts as they go about their bleak existence. They spend just as much time studying the souls of the living looking for the marking that will determine their status after death. Then they study their on soul to see if they can foster such marking within themselves.

                  The more that they study this phenomenon the deeper they discover the rabbit hole goes. They learn to tap into the souls of the living and the ghost of the dead, not harming them but to get a deeper understanding of their existence. They learn to influence the subjects of their studies in subtle way as to not disrupt their existence. They learn why a ghost is dammed to a single task driven existence. Learning that the anchor they are tied to can also be manipulated, changed or even replaced. They figure out that the soul of the living is the same as the soul of the dead, the only difference is that the body is the anchor living soul. That anchor is just as susceptible to manipulation as that of a ghost.

                  Finally they learn to transform their own twilight infused ephemeral substance into that of a ghost while still maintaining their own awakened abilities. They learn how to avoid the endless donning existence that drives a ghost to repeat the same task over and over for and endless number of nights. They have reached the panicle of their existence and have gained power over it. But they also discover that there studies do not end there. There is more than just existing in the twilight but for those answers they must travel to the Underworld and that frightens them to the core of their new existence.

                  Parent Path or Order: Moros

                  Nickname: Wraiths; Half-Souled (derogatory)

                  Background: No one really know how or even why the Wraiths started only that it was before the inquisition. When the doctrinated view of death and the soul were dictated by the church the number of Wraiths dropped drastically. With few to preserve their ways they fell victim to the murderous and thieving ways of the Tremere Liches. There libraries and history all but lost to theft and destruction it is difficult at best to piece it all together. However early in the 15th century the studies began again. The heart of the Legacy sprang up in London and it has been growing ever since.

                  Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington was probably the most famous member of this group, you don’t think he won the battle of Waterloo without magic did you, he was called upon to cancel Napoleon’s Fate magic. Wellesley’s forces never seemed to dwindle in that battle yet he managed to keep that out of the reports. He is credited with the distinction of advancing the studies of the Wraith in recent times. His reported death in 1852 was merely a formality of inheritance sake.

                  The heart of the order has remained in London since its rebirth and is thriving well amongst the awakened.

                  Appearance: The Wraith come from all walks of life, from the rich to the poor, the noble to the peasant, male, female, young and the old. Even though they can come from any nationality their numbers are mainly European, this is expected to change as the practice becomes more widely spread.

                  As they start into this Legacy their skin takes on an ashen hue and their body looks ever so slightly gaunt. As they progress through the ranks and with each attainment these conditions worsen until they reach the fifth attainment. By this time they are unmistakably pale and they take on a more emaciated look. To the trained eye there is no doubt what is happening, to the layman he looks sickly. Where do you think the saying “He looks like he has one foot in the grave” came from.

                  Prerequisites: Gnosis 2, Death 2, and either Intimidation 2, Medicine 2 or Investigation 2.

                  Initiation: An extended and meaningful interview with a sick and dying person and with a ghost.

                  Organization: The relative recent revival of this legacy makes it hard to form any unified organization, however the majority of the Legacy are in London where they have formed a council to deal with major issues. They try not to interfere with the lives and studies of their members as this style of study is very personal. They do have functions and collect fees for their services to members and non-members alike.

                  Concepts: To find a way to transform a living soul into a ghost and still remain living.

                  Theory: The souls of the dead and of the living are identical the only difference is the meat shell that surrounds the living soul.

                  Ruling Arcanum: Death

                  Yantras: Ephemera (Legacy tool +1), Soul Jar (empty +1 or full +2), Viewing the soul of the subject (Persona +2), Funeral Shroud (Legacy Tool +1), A coin recovered from a corpse who’s soul never crossed the river Styx (Legacy Tool +2).

                  Oblations: Extensive study of death rituals in different cultures; Studies of the different beliefs of the afterlife; hours of watching a ghost; Extended viewing a living soul; Contemplating in a place where a death occurred; Wandering in Twilight.

                  The attainments of this Legacy show the different levels of understanding. They are the culmination of years of personal study. They start with the viewing of souls and ghosts into the direct contact with them, culminating with the transformation into a Ghost-Mage the ultimate goal of all in this Legacy.

                  First Attainment: Soul Sight
                  Prerequisites: Initiation
                  The initiate uses this spell on an almost continuous basis, as he studies both the souls of the living and the dead. This attainment enables the initiate to see, but not interact with, the souls of the dead and living alike. They can use the effects of Soul Marks when viewing these souls. This is always done as an instant casting and may determine one of the following per level of potency. She can discern the presence of Persistent Conditions, if the subject is Awakened, if the subject is a supernatural being, if the subject has created a soul stone (see “Soul Stones” p. 98), if the subject has had her soul tampered with, if the subject is Possessed, the presence of any Gnosis 5+ Legacy Attainments, if the subject has eaten or otherwise consumed another’s soul, or if the subject is suffering from a Paradox Condition.

                  Second Attainment: Interview of a Ghost
                  Prerequisites: Gnosis 2, Death 2
                  At this level of studies information is paramount and the ever inquisitive Apprentice will go right to the source to get the answers. By talking to and interacting with the souls of the dead they are able to glean information about death itself. By using this attainment enables the apprentice to interact with ghosts as if under the effects of a Touch of the Grave spell. However the wise and prudent apprentice is aware that it is best to just talk to the ghost and not interfere with it least he incurs the ghost’s wrath.

                  Third Attainment: Travel on Death’s Trail
                  Prerequisites: Gnosis 4, Death 3
                  A disciple at this level of understanding can enter and leave Twilight on a whim. You can only fully understand something and if you have walked a mile in its shoes. The attainment enables the disciple the ability to enter twilight as the spell Ghost Gate using the reach to do this without a gate.

                  Fourth Attainment: Soul Splicing
                  Prerequisites: Gnosis 6, Death 4
                  An adept can do some truly amazing feats and gets a greater level of understanding by splicing a piece of his soul to that of a sleeper. The use of this attainment gives the adept the effects of the Splice Soul spell (listed below). This spell allows him to temporarily turn a sleeper into a sleepwalker as described in the spell. This costs one point of Mana and can be recharged before the attainment ends for an additional point of Mana. If the ability is allowed to end then the sleepwalker one again becomes a sleeper and the weight of what he witnessed will come crashing down upon his psyche. This is an Act of Hubris on the mages part causing such trauma to the sleeper. He may spend his reaches in any manner that he sees fit, however it may be wise to use one of them to cast instantly else the target might wonder away.

                  Fifth Attainment: Death’s True Form
                  Prerequisites: Gnosis 8, Death 5
                  A master’s level of understanding is unmatched and he is truly an authority in the field. At this level he can actually transform his Ephemeral Form gained by entering Twilight into an Ephemeral Entity. This Entity is none other than a ghost. This transformation is especially awe inspiring as he still has access to all the abilities, including magical abilities, while in this form. This attainment enables the master to use the abilities of the Ghost Form spell (listed below). He may spend the reaches in any manner that he sees fit as each master’s view of their ghost form is different. Be careful as there are still things that roam in that realm that are bigger and more terrifying than you.

                  New Spells:
                  Splice Soul (Death •••)
                  Practice: Weaving
                  Primary Factor: Duration
                  Withstanding: Resolve
                  Suggested Rote Skills: Intimidate, Medicine, Occult.
                  For the duration of this spell the mage can splice a sliver of his soul onto that of a Living soul. The target must be a sleeper and for the duration of this spell he temporarily becomes a sleepwalker with all that entails. Any breaking points due to witnessing magic and Quiescence effects the subject would normally suffer are held in abeyance until the spell’s Duration expires, only to come crashing down all at once when the spell ends.
                  +1 Reach: As long as the spell’s Duration lasts, its wielder may spend one point of Mana at any time to “recharge” this effect, and the sleeper remains a sleepwalker.

                  Ghost Form (Death ••••)
                  Practice: Patterning
                  Primary Factor: Duration
                  Suggested Rote Skills: Medicine, Empathy, Survival.
                  This spell allows the mage to transform a subject from twilight state into an Ephemeral Entity known as a ghost. For the duration of the spell the subject has the following traits determined by the mage at the time of casting. If the subject was a mage they use mana to power their abilities and they keep the Arcana ratings that they have, otherwise the newly formed ghost uses essence to power its abilities.
                  Drawbacks: This power comes with a price. For every hour that the subject remains in ghost form they must roll Power + Resolve + Gnosis - 1 per previous roll. If they fail they start to become disconnected to their former self gaining the Driven condition (see below). If they ever dramatically fail this roll they gain the Amnesia condition forgetting there previous existence believing that they truly are just a ghost.

                  Driven Condition: (persistent)
                  Your character loses interest in everything except one task. This could be brought on by a tragedy, a mental break, or a spell gone tragically wrong. Whatever the reason your character loses interest in everything not related to fulfilling their goal.
                  Game Effect: Your character loses interest in the current task at hand in favor of a new task which they will single mindedly peruse. All rolls not related to their new task is at a -2 dice.
                  Resolution: Accomplish the goal.
                  Beat: Character fails to fulfill an obligation due to pursuing her task.

                  Ghost Traits:
                  Rank: 2
                  Power, Finesse, and Resistance: Average the dots in each category to arrive at the new rating for each.
                  Influence: The mage assigns what the ghost has influence over, this influence is at rank 2.
                  Twilight Form: The ghost has the Twilight Form manifestation.
                  Manifestation: The mage may assign 2 additional manifestation (page 258 – 261 or Chronicles of Darkness page 133 - 136) of his choice on the ghost.
                  Numina: The mage may assign 3 Numina (page 261 – 263 or Chronicles of Darkness page 136 - 138) of his choice to the ghost.
                  Essence/Mane Max: 15
                  Bans: The mage assigns a ban to the ghost.
                  Banes: The mage assigns one bane to the ghost.
                  All other traits listed on page 256 are calculated accordingly.


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                    Souls and ghosts aren't the same thing. Also, only Rank 1 ghosts are stuck in loops. Also, this legacy is a kind of lichdom, the Tremere are far from exclusive in that category. It's fine for your own game, but typically real historical figures aren't assumed to be part of any splat's particular background in order to leave as much room for the ST as possible. It doesn't look like you understand the Concept section's purpose. An attainment that has to contend with Withstand usually isn't a great choice since it won't usually work until you have higher levels in the arcana. The 2nd attainment is redundant with the Death 2 utility attainment, there should be a part of the 3rd attainment that clarifies that it takes a scene to activate, all Reach costs must be fixed when an attainment is formed so the 4th attainment doesn't work. What about the Optional attainments?
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                      Better would be to make separate topic and just mark me in post by writing wyrdhamster in it - this topic is for organization of my own updates, only. But since you wrote in it, I may gives you some advises for your rewrote of Legacy.

                      1. You are sure of no Parent Order? They sounds as Mysterium obsessed guys.
                      2. Over specialization of Legacy. Maybe you should choose other Arcanum to accompany Death one? Because it's about souls and retaining magic - maybe Prime as second Arcanum?
                      3. If they are Liche Legacy ( about immortality ) I would add to their history some debate about them being Left-Handed and other Awakened telling that once completely Ghost, they are not truly themselves.
                      4. In Attainments write ups mark if particular action is Instant and what is Ritual. Good is also sum up on where Reaches goes from spell Attainments is based.

                      Rethink those ideas and rewritten, post Legacy in new topic.

                      My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
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                        Sorry one of my players in our Face-to-Face group is really into Napoleon and so anytime I get to poke him about that I do.

                        Ghosts are dead souls that have not crossed over into the underworld and therefor become ghosts.

                        Nice to know about rank one ghosts being caught in a loop.


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                          Sorry about cluttering up your thread can you get a dev to delete the posts and I will make a new thread.