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[2E Legacy] Míng (Sympathetic Name manipulators)

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  • [2E Legacy] Míng (Sympathetic Name manipulators)

    Haven't filled in all the blanks yet, but check out this Space Legacy I did!


    The Analects of Confucius exhorts readers to "rectify the names", acting in accordance with the formal role and relationships given by their name as father, brother, ruler, etc. Countless magical practices and Legacies have been developed around the works attributed to Master Kong over the centuries, but the Míng ("Names") employ one of the more heterodox interpretations of the Rectification of Names and the Five Relationships. The Legacy was originally developed by Chinese Mystagogues in the city of Nanjing during the Yuan dynasty, but seemingly died out shortly after the new Ming regime (the Sleeper government, not the Legacy) made Nanjing their administrative center with all the ensuing official attention. Their grimoires survived, writing extensively about the magical properties of Sympathetic Names, exactly when and how they originate, and how someone else's can be learned by force. Curiously, their later grimoires increasingly discussed a certain "Heavenly Calculator" which had subverted the proper order of the Celestial Bureaucracy by stealing the names of its functionaryangels, and praised the demons who rebelled against their unworthy master by corrupting their Sympathetic Names and upending the Five Relationships. Sleeper occultists who happened on the grimoires interpreted this as a coded nationalist critique of the Yuan, while mages read it as an allegory about the Exarchs and the Diamond mages who opposed them. The Legacy was rediscovered in the later Qing dynasty by a secret society of nationalistic Han rebels (in fact a Guardian Labyrinth) attracted to the apparent anti-foreign dynasty rhetoric, but their Awakened cultors found deeper significance in the grimoires, and by the 19th century the Míng had been revived within both the Guardians of the Veil and the Ministry of Panopticon.

    Today, the Legacy is treated with caution both for their well-known practice of stealing Sympathetic Names and their habit of attracting attention from both agents and dissidents of the Heavenly Calculator, but their expertise in both subjects is considerable enough to prevent them being declared Left-Handed.

    Mastigos, Guardians of the Veil or Panopticon
    Nicknames: Namebreakers

    Space 2, Mind 1, Investigation or Occult Specialty in Sympathetic Names

    Ruling Arcanum: Space
    Yantras: Concentrating on and visualizing the subject's Sympathetic Name (+1), speaking or writing the subject's Sympathetic Name (+2), declaring the subject's duty under the Five Relationships (+1), studying the subject's sympathetic links with a spell like Correspondence (+2)

    Prerequisite: Initiation
    Whenever someone in the material world speaks or writes the mage's Sympathetic Name, she feels it in her Peripheral Sight.

    Prerequisite: Space 2,
    The mage may emulate Locate Object with Reach spent on instant casting and sensory range. She may locate any person whose Sympathetic Name she knows or any object on which her own Sympathetic Name is written. Alternatively, if someone triggers her Peripheral Sight with the first Attainment, she may choose to immediately locate the speaker or writer.
    Optional: Mind 2
    By spending an hour in preparation, traditionally by writing out the information on paper and burning it, the mage may recreate Memory Hole with Advanced Duration. She may forget a number of memories based on Potency, typically her own or another's Sympathetic Name until it is needed.

    Prerequisite: Space 3,
    The mage may use Scrying with Reach spent on instant casting and sensory range, and the same criteria as the second Attainment.
    Optional: Mind 3
    The mage may emulate Imposter as an instant casting. She may only assume the appearance of a specific person whose Sympathetic Name she knows, but she need not roll Manipulation+Subterfuge to imitate them. By spending 1 Willpower, this Attainment lasts for up to a scene.

    Prerequisite: Space 4,
    By spending an hour in preparation, traditionally by ritually disrobing and purifying with pure water and cleansing incense, the mage may emulate Inhabit Name with advanced Duration. She may cast spells and use non-physical yantras and any of her Attainments in this form. Beware: the Heavenly Calculator (and certain archdemons) have the capacity to perceive a mage in this form if they really, really want to.
    Optional: Mind 4
    There are three versions of this Attainment, and the mage chooses one when learning it. One emulates Possession, another Psychic Projection, another Psychic Reprogramming. All are cast with a scene of preparation and advanced Duration. They can be cast sympathetically if the mage knows the subject's Sympathetic Name.

    Prerequisite: Space 5,
    After an hour spent in ritual communion with the subject, the mage may apply a new Sympathetic Name to them which does not replace the original, with advanced Duration based on her Space dots. If the subject does not currently have a Sympathetic Name, but is capable of having one, the mage or subject may spend a Willpower dot to make the new name Lasting.
    Optional: Mind 5
    The mage may create a new Sympathetic Name for no one at all, and generate a Goetia to embody it. This emulates Psychic Genesis with an hour of preparation (which may be the same hour as the main Attainment) and advanced Duration. The new Goetia may share the non-space of Inhabit Name with her if she uses this Attainment there, or be generated in the material world.


    There is an alternative Fifth Attainment that is not known to modern Míng. Through baleful soul-pacts with the demons that so fascinated them, at least one Yuan-era Namebreaker traded their physical body permanently to a demon for an Attainment that emulated Inhabit Name with Lasting Duration. It is unknown whether the demon still exists, or whether they felt they came out of the deal on top, but the euphemistically-called "One Who Lives in Their Name" certainly does: a (hopefully) unique Space-based lich with Sympathy to all modern Legacy practitioners (and all those stolen Sympathetic Names in their minds) and the special kind of madness and Obsession that comes with seven centuries of untouchable isolation.
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    Need to move the 2nd attainment up to 3rd (because I forgot about needing reach for sensory range) and find a new 2nd attainment, but I'll do it later, or never. Maybe something like sympathetic range Locate Object to know exactly where their written or spoken Sympathetic Name is.

    e: I did
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    Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
    Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning content)
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      Very cool group! As to advice on them - maybe on Mind 1 they can scan target thoughts if they know it's Sympathetic Name?

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