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Human like Mummies?

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  • Human like Mummies?

    So are the Mummies in this game human like or they the bandaged zombie popularized by Boris Karloff?

    Well the reason I'm asking this is because in Pre-20th century stories on Mummies, they mostly appeared not only human like but also as beautiful/seductive women like Queen Tara from Bram Stoker's Jewel of the Seven Stars but of course though that had fallen out of popularity to make way of the bandaged zombies we think of Mummies today

    So the question remains, are the Mummies in this game like the bandaged zombies we think of them now or can they appear fully human and alive?

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    When they first rise a mummy appears skeletal and undead, but their Sekhem quickly builds a life-mask around them. After a scene or two they will look fully human. At least, that's my understanding of it.

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      Yeah, they sort of have it both ways. Most of the time there's a mask of being alive and healthy, and you can definitely play a seductive and appealing mummy. But they're all spooky when they first rise from their tomb, and they have to be bandaged again to recover if they're grievously wounded. A lot of the art for the game depicts these ~alluringly oriental~ characters in the prime of their life, with a layer of skeleton and dried skin underneath like a photographic negative, which pretty much sets the tone.

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        The Arisen were normal human mortals 5000 years ago, but their default state is a dusty corpse. Whenever they return to life, they do so as these icky jerky people, but quickly return to normal appearance and spend most of each Descent looking like regular mortals.

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          At Sekhem 9-10 (when they first arise), they are desiccated corpses (and throw off Sybaris like woah). At Sekhem 8, they form a Sahu, which is basically a spiritual-material construction of their self-image (which is about as accurate as to what they did look like as their Memory allows) in the prime of life. As their Sekhem drops, they start too look more worn out, but still like living people.

          Note that certain effects can cause their Decree to flare and/or their Sahu to show the "walking-corpse" look again.

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            Originally posted by Veindark View Post
            So are the Mummies in this game human like or they the bandaged zombie popularized by Boris Karloff?
            Okay, I gotta ask....have you actually seen Boris Karloff's portrayal as the mummy? He spends like, maybe two minutes on screen wrapped in bandages. The rest of the movie has him masquerading as an Egyptian assistant to the Cairo museum. He is clever, articulate, and from all appearance has learned how to maneuver in the modern age without difficulty. He is an excellent example of these "human mummies" you are talking about, as opposed to most of the Mummy films that come after this original movie which are much more about the shambling zombie.

            Also, 90% of the movie is Boris Karloff's eyes staring directly at you. Watching. Judging.