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Advice on a Deceived cult.

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  • Advice on a Deceived cult.

    I have a idea for a Deceived cult and I want advice. They are a Jewelry company named Gould Brothers Jewerly firm. Based in Germany, this company mines and sells gemstones from across the world. One of their more prevalent locations is the middle East and Northern Africa where they hunt for Amber and gemstones like Topaz and Emeralds, and the occasional peral.. But, they are also in the middle East for a more sinister purpose. They seek to find artifacts from the Nameless Empire. The current board of directors, led by Herman and Jurgen Gould seek these artifacts to please their master, a Deceived Arisen. Could this work.
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    Sure, why not?

    Didn't you just post this on rpgnet regarding Mummy the Resurrection, though?


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      I don't really know what the question is? Yes, it's a fine Cult, I'm not sure exactly what you want folks to say here.

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