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    We all know that relics are a great jumping off point for a Mummy campaign, so what are some of the most interesting/most fun relics you've created?

    PS: This may or may not have been prompted by reading about reseru using crystal skulls as Uter that had been created from the Shan'iatu and wanting more details

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    Hm. Most of my favourites powers were tied to Seba, but there was an Uter I remember really fondly for the impact it had on the game. It was called the Red Bath, a four dot Uter, and it was a simple bathtub made of leather and bone. If filled with blood costing a human their life, then the next person to bathe in that blood would cease aging for the next 20 years. If they were a Mummy, they would gain a point of Sekhem. In either case using it counted as a Morality 1 sin.

    My fondness for it isn't so much for what it did though, but rather the impact it had on the Chronicle. The character who discovered it originally opted not to wrest it from the human cult who were using it, simply using it when they felt like it. One of the other characters wanted to experience the same strength that came from "easy" access to Sekhem, but they attempted to steal it. When the cult's Amkhat attacked, this second character attempted to drain the relic.

    The conflict between the two that spun out of this was pretty great


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      I need to sit down and do a donkey jawbone Uter weapon one of these days.

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        The Crystal Skull of Shai-nefer is kind of like Azahul's Red Bath: I wasn't as interested in the game stats as I was in what it meant to the story.

        It drew the character to it in the first Sothic turn, housed away in a vault with priests of Re as its wardens. In the millennia since it had been guarded by the PC, and, most frustratingly, even when it was delivered to Duat it would eventually return to continuously plague them and the world. This was all in an effort to emphasize the cyclical, hopeless existence of service to the Judges and lay groundwork for a sequel campaign about Apotheosis, which the primary Shuankhsen villain in this first campaign thought he could achieve by devouring the Skull.

        I don't think I gave it a dot rating, but I remember one of the things it did was increase the effects of Unease Sybaris.

        I always meant to write it up as an Actual Play because it, in a way, was very much a response to early criticisms of the game. Namely that the Shan'iatu were ancient mysteries that didn't add anything to the game since they existed too long ago to remember or learn anything about, and that the 'relic chase' game was boring and the only way to play. I wanted to play out the repercussions of discovering a Shan'iatu relic and 'deconstruct' the relic chase and say, "Yeah, mummies chase relics. A lot. And that really, really sucks for them in-universe."

        Of course, then Book of the Deceived came out and I'm not sure how if the Crystal Skull would work anymore. My Shan'iatu were straight up aliens from like another galaxy or whatever, so it made sense to have a very physical relic for them


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          Reighnhell created a thread with over a hundred homebrewed Relics.

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