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    Benighted Candle (Effigy )
    Size 1; Durability 1; Structure 2

    This candle was found in the home of a housewife named Rebekah Morgan, in the center of a ritual circle drawn in her own blood, as well as that of several cats. Rebekah herself went missing and neither she nor her body have been located since, though for those with knowledge of the supernatural another artifact found in the house, a copy of Das Buch von Sorgen, or the Book of Sorrows by the 18th century German occultist and rumored necromancer Oswald Schwartz, may provide a clue as to her fate.

    The candle itself is hard to light and burns with only a weak, almost hesitant flame. However, neither wax nor wick is consumed by this flame, a quality which has seen it pass from the evidence locker to a number of private collectors. The most recent is a member of the idle rich with an interest in the occult - though his behavior has become more erratic in the past few months, and some of his fellow dabblers wonder whether some of his rites might have gone awry.

    Power: Lighting the candle requires an Instant action, and keeping the flame alight if it moves requires a Reflexive Wits + Dexterity action for each turn of movement, with penalties as appropriate to the conditions. If the candle is deliberately snuffed (another Instant action), all non-magical light sources in the scene are snuffed out and cannot be lit again until repaired somehow - wicks and kindling become strangely damp and bulbs blow in electric lamps. The candle's user may attempt a Clash of Wills to snuff out any supernatural light sources.

    Curse: The guttering light of the benighted candle serves only to make the darkness of the unknown seem all the more daunting. In any scene in which the candle is present, all characters attempting Abjuration treat their Integrity as one lower. Additionally, seeing the candle's light inflicts the Spooked condition on mortals. Mummies who light the candle may choose not to inflict the Spooked condition, while the Tef-Aabhi can contain its effect on mortal souls.
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