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    Originally posted by tasti man LH View Post
    "Fall of Isireion" is a sort of historical sequel to "To the Strongest". Overt references are made to Alexander the Great and his passing and how everyone afterwards are trying to chase after his legacy.
    Thank you. I thought there were more direct references and I was curious. I'm planning on starting a To the Strongest campaign, and tie in a trilogy of campaigns with Seven Wonders and Fall of Isireion.


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      Cannibal Hymn, Iserion and To The Strongest were all done by me in part so I was able to create those connections.

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        Originally posted by lbeaumanior View Post
        I have a question about Open Rites and Open Rite Mastery:

        Do you buy Open Rite Mastery for each open rite or once bought it applies to every open rite you can perform?
        It's each open Rite. And instances of a given type can be counted as a separate open Rite for the purpose of Open Rite Mastery.

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