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Alpha Gamma Tau. A mummy cult idea

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  • Alpha Gamma Tau. A mummy cult idea

    I came up with a mummy cult and I want some advice. They are a fraternity name Alpha Gamma Tau. They are located in a university in Delaware and have been around since 1945. A lot of their alumni have become very successful, mostly as lawyers, politicians and business men. The fraternity keeps most of their rituals and ceremonies secret. Especially on Hell Week.

    The frat has a even darker secret. In their basement Is a tomb which contains their God, a mummy. It is unknown how he or she got there. But, from the beginning, the frat has served it. The members aware at the end of Hell Week to keep their God a secret, even long after graduation. The fraternity's alumni gathers every year for a anniversary where they kneel in front of the tomb and worship as they did in their younger years.

    My questions are what kind of plothooks could these guys do and what guild is most fitting for this kind of cult? Also, how would you build them?

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    If the frat is all about shaping the influence brokers of tomorrow, then that's a sure sign that an Alchemist is involved, hoping to shape the flow of Dedwen in years to come.

    Remi. she/her. game designer.


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      One of my npcs is similar. I went with Tef-aabhi, specifically a blood mason. He uses the fraternity like the Skull and Bones society, to recruit and gather people with bright futures and further the heka they produce. I agree that Alchemist would be a good fit, too. Mine was around in ancient Greece, and he's a spoiled frat boy. Ive had delegates meet him at a frat party. Initiation hazing is cool for flavor for whatever guild. I'd definitely make some of the brothers into developed characters, that can make stories easy to pull off. Alumni's dirty secrets that a mummy can uncover, for sure, are ripe with story potential. If the mummy accidentally kills someone during his resurrection, the brothers will have to cover it up.


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        I was planning on making some of the Brothers well developed and others being PCs. I am picturing the mummy waking up during a middle of a party and the Brothers having to keep them out of the party room before he kills everyone. I am wondering how to add LDI and other mummy antagonist's in a small university town?


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          That one could be interesting, if LDI tries to recruit the smartest brother in the cult. LDI may not even know the kid is associated with one of the Arisen. That could complicate things, and could go different ways depending on whether LDI or the cultist finds the truth first. The Deceived could have some liberal arts majors, or even professors, in their pockets. The bros might not know why the damned art department os adamantly voting to underfund the fraternity (or Greek life as a whole) until the deceived reveals its nefarious plans. Shuanksen are a bit harder to justify in a smaller town, due to dietary restrictions, but... it'd be interesting if the cult leader of the alumni accidentally killed someone in their college days and the body came back to undeath with a shuanksen inside.


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            A basic idea for a hook is that university sponsors an archaeological dig that finds important relics that wind up in the frat house, someone or something attacks it and steals them awakening the mummy.