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    Hey i want to perhaps try my hand at running Mummy in the future, so what i wished to ask was how would i do it. Okay in my scenario the game would take place in an american city((a fictional one in north california to be is a brain child of a friend of mine, but others in the group are expanding the setting as well)). So how could i run a effective mummy game for about 3-8 people in such a setting.

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    I'm sorry, hopefully this isn't too disappointing, because I don't have any actual advice. BUT YOUR USERNAME!!



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      I always suggest Pyramid play (some players make cultists instead of Arisen, or everyone makes one of each) for Mummy, and doubly so with such a large group; things will be really fucking busy with eight godlike immortals bumping around your city and likely burning it down around them, so don't be afraid of player asymmetry. Beyond that, I'd definitely suggest a heavy emphasis on flashbacks, ideally done as one or two scene vignettes at plot relevant moments or when Memory is bought up.

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        Building on what Lex wrote, you can probably handle 3-4 mummies without things getting too ridiculously crazy. But beyond that, you'd want lower-power level players. To make it more interesting for the non-Arisen players, you could give them a Sadikh "main" character, and then allow them to also take control generally of the cult of another players' mummy. This also allows people not playing immortals to get "flashbacks" too, but flasbacks of the cult, not of the character .


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          Honestly, I'd be really interested in seeing a game with eight player Mummies in action. I honestly don't like Pyramid play, though I get why it exists. The main principle with Mummy that imposes limitations on large groups isn't the power of each character, I think. It's that you, as the GM, need to have prepared flashbacks and character explorations for each of your many players.

          But at the same time, that emphasis on each character only having a few core traits is actively an asset early on in large group play. I kind of dislike large groups to begin with, because it's really hard to let individual players shine unless you're all super cohesive and cooperative about that. But early on Mummy characters, with their big flashy powers and their pared down (but strong) personalities seem to lend themselves very well to giving each individual player a moment in the sun.

          That same principle makes me feel like Pyramid play may be a bad idea with 8 players. Player asymmetry can be a freaking awful thing in a large group. Particularly in Mummy, when the Mummies are going to be receiving all the GM attention with their flashbacks and the like. You'd have to work even harder than normal to give any of the mortal characters a chance to shine, and you'd be actively fighting against the game to manage that. It's possible, but it would require just as much hard work as running eight Mummies would. Just a different kind of work.

          Eight Mummies would probably be all of the Mummies within the setting though. Unless you make it a large Nome in the 20+ Mummy range, in which case the player meret is still probably the dominant force in the city. It'd be an interesting world building challenge. I reckon you should do it


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            Well, it's a bit crossover-like, but one way to mitigate the focus on the Mummy in pyramid play to incorporate other Immortal characters (specifically, from Immortals, like Reborn, Purified, Body Thieves, etc.). That way, they can be present in flashbacks too, and you can tie their own stories to the Mummy's throughout the ages. Heck, they can also be part of the Mummy's cult.

            Or, you could even turn things on their head, and make the mummy more of a common/shared deuteragonist to people of the time's main stories.

            (Vampires and Demons work too, but they bring their own setting and themes to consider, so are less ideal than more lightweight templates from Immortals)
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              I would start with a basic setting question- what is about this location that has attracted the attention of 8 or more Arisen? Is there a major source of Sekhem? An occult artifact? A particularly powerful cult? Is there a Nome in the area? I would check out Cursed Necropolis: DC. It might be helpful in coming up with your own ideas by looking at how the core game populated its signature city.