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    Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
    OK I guess, but what makes this better than just using, like, Teamwork. Your Magic Beans Rite had pretty harsh prerequisites, but I could see why someone would use it even so.
    Honestly? I just had the fairy tales stuck in my head (after reading them out loud 5+ times a few nights in a row), and tried to make something that matched the tales. Ideas for making them better would be appreciated.

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      I don't know how it would work, but the idea of a murderous little Gingerbread fiend that mesmerizes people to chase it right into a giant oven that closes behind them and maybe even disappears came to mind.

      The perfect crime if you hate someone enough to kill them horribly and kill or desecrate the graves of those you love to do it.

      Also, I'd specify that it has to be a housepet and not livestock
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        Pardon for the thread necromancy, but here's a couple of Rites based off the Greek Magical Papyri that I put together last night.

        Blinding of Re: Taking the eye of a corpse that has died a violent death; the sorcerer crushes it in a mortar and pestle, mixing it with a scarab, unripe olive oil, and a rose. The sorcerer prepares the mixture at night, and at dawn spits out a ritualized threat to Re, demanding that the god turn his gaze away. Smearing the mixture on themselves, the sorcerer gains a +2 bonus to Stealth from dawn to dusk. Spending a point of Ab, the sorcerer removes the need for the eye and adds +2 to Presence, making any threats they make all the more convincing.

        Calling the Daimon: Born out of a melting pot of cultures in Late Roman Egypt, the rite has elements of Coptic Christianity, Roman polytheism, and even Iremite Egyptian. The sorcerer must kill a falcon and bathe it with frankincense, interring it in a chest of juniper wood. Mix the falcon’s blood with wine, milk, and honey. The sorcerer spends the night exalting the falcon as Heru, and then at dawn calls upon Azar to raise again his son. A Goetic tagged with the Familiar Condition will then follow you. It Attributes (and therefore its Rank and other traits) are determined as per your Dream Form. It resembles the character’s ideal self, but falcon-headed and winged. By spending a point of Ba, the falcon doesn’t die in the process, and the resulting daimon instead Claims it as a vessel.

        Engraving the Mind: Taking a papyrus perfumed with myrrh, the sorcerer writes down seven barbarous titles of the Nameless Ibis in Iremite and Greek, using ink made from the ashes of ibis feathers, wormwood, and figs. When the inscription is complete, the ink is washed off the papyrus with water taken from a natural spring, which is then collected and drank. The sorcerer gains the benefit of the Eidetic Memory Merit until the next full moon. By spending a point of Ren, the sorcerer may use any kind of water and gains the benefit of the Advanced Eidetic Memory Merit.

        Pythian Prophecy: The sorcerer mixes balls made of honey, dried dates, and fragments of lodestone. They prepare a fire of sandalwood, laurel leaves, and the presiding sorcerer sits on a tripod over the fire, singing a hymn to Paean Apollo. Everyone who ingests one of the balls participates in the trance, and may ask a single question no longer than a sentence in length which is responded in the form of a riddle or koan. By spending a point of Sheut, the edible component becomes unnecessary and participants may ask a follow-up question to their original querry.

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          Originally posted by Arcanist View Post
          Pardon for the thread necromancy, but here's a couple of Rites based off the Greek Magical Papyri that I put together last night.
          Well, you won't getting argument from me. Will post my critique for these rites when I get home.

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            Originally posted by Deionscribe View Post
            Well, you won't getting argument from me. Will post my critique for these rites when I get home.
            Still curious about your commentary, if you'd still like to critique them. Oh, and I've written another Closed Rite based off spells from the Greek Magical Papyri.

            Aphrodite’s Binding: Take river clay and mix it with a piece from your victim, such as hair or nail clippings, or blood, and make it into a small effigy that will be anointed with the blood of the one who desires the victim. Pierce the effigy with thirteen bronze needles in key mystical centers, like the eyes and the genitals, while praying to Aphrodite and Neith to bind those senses under cover of night, and keep it in a dark place. Your chosen beloved will gain the Charmed Condition for a week. The Rite’s duration is reset by feeding the effigy blood (at least one Lethal Damage). The Rite immediately ends if the effigy is exposed to sunlight or destroyed. Spending a point of Ab, the sorcerer only needs a piece of clothing from the victim, and gains the Striking Looks Merit.

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