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On Non-Iremite Mummies (v 4.0)

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    Hmm. I meant the LSF to be more of a Judge-like entity, but a pre-existing one, rather than self-elevated like the shan'iatu. Memory wouldn't be discouraged (at least not to the same degree it is by the Judges), but the main concern would be Right Action.

    And serving the LSF wouldn't necessarily be an ideal state (though individual self-initiated may view it as such), but more like accepting patronage in exchange for performing tasks. They are free to return to the World without accepting the LSF's offer, but their existence becomes similar to a Shuankhsen's, Sekhem-wise: they return with minimal Sekhem recovery, as opposed to a servant's "full charge".


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      Alright, so far for our new mummies we have sketched out

      1). an origin (self-initiated immortals, ranging from self-mummified monks to internal alchemists)
      2). A patron, the stern, Legalist Judge of the Dead, Yama (based roughly on the Buddhist deity)
      3). an antagonist force (the Wicked Emperor and his Guard, who sought immortality for worldly power rather than self-knowledge)
      4). a freedom/redemption mechanic (choosing whether or not to serve Yama in the first place; yes gets you an Arisen-style rebirth/Sekhem recharge cycle, while no gets you, at best, being called back by a cult, and at worst, rising by the vagueries of chance, returning with low Sekhem in the Shuankhsen style)

      These being established, I think the next step should be template abilities/powers. What aspects should every member of this new mummy type have? If anyone needs help with ideas, I recommend the Hunter supplement Mortal Remains; the Appendix has an excellent section on Monster template creation.