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  • Trading Relics?

    Hello guys!

    Arisen and cults can trade their relics for money, other relics, politics alliances and any other kind of asset? Or they're forbidden to have mundane business with relics?

    Actually, I have a second question about relics. Mummies are in charge to collect relics and bring them back to Duat, but there's something I still don't understand: relics are physical objects while the Duat is a spiritual dimension. To me this concept sounds like "I want to bring my smarphone in Heaven" there's something I don't understand?
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    Well, Relics aren't smartphones. I'd say that's kind of a poor comparison; smartphones are made by the (millions?) in factories. Relics are turned out maybe once in a lifetime and only then by the greatest artists a civilization has. Calling them "just physical" misses something; they are imbued with Sekhem and terribly powerful. The prevailing logic in Mummy is that every one of them belongs to the Judges; the Judges are in Duat; ergo, when a Mummy goes down to Duat the Relics they've reclaimed for their masters vanish to whatever place the Mummy's soul goes.

    I mean there are powers that pull humans into Twlight and their clothes aren't left behind, and Relics require less hand-waving: they don't even transmogrify, their Sekhem (and therefore the Relic) go to the Mummy underworld.

    I kind of always imagined the Mummy laying down to "die" and then the Relics just vanish into Duat, and it's hailed as a great mystery and the miracle of the Judges.

    PS I tried to keep this spoiler-free since I don't know if you're a player/Storyteller.

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      Think of the Rings of Power from the Lord of the Rings series, or anything from any other piece of fiction with similar narrative weight. They aren't exactly trading chips.

      Also, when talking about entities like mummies whose Deathless condition result from a universe-tier magic ritual performed by a culture who doesn't bother with the concept of the duality of the body and the soul, it's safe to assume that they can sidestep the distinction between the physical and the spiritual.
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        Thank you very much guys! Your answers are very useful.