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Sekhem and Memory rate after Decent

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  • Sekhem and Memory rate after Decent

    Hi !
    So, maybe this is trivial or completely clear in the book but I can't find it.

    When a mummy accomplish her decent and goes to sleep, at what rate her Sekhem increase back and at what rate she loses her memory again ? For exemple, mummy X goes to sleep cause she completed her decent, what happen if she awaken (because of an intruder or her cult summons her for exemple) after one day ? or after one month, year ? Did she regain some of her Sekhem ? What did she forget ?

    Thanks for the help

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    Pretty sure that's simply a new Descent. Sekhem 10, Memory -1. Doesn't matter if it is the next day or next century.

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      What Vent0 said. Can confirm. There's a recharge rate on the Relic the Cult uses to raise her but that doesn't stop them from using it again (possibly breaking it), using a different one, or a host of other possibilities.

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