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  • Originally posted by Second Chances View Post
    Some notes from today's Pathcast:
    • The Wadjet-Itja is one of the Minor Guilds, a (mostly) new addition in Second Edition rounding out Iremite society beyond the five guilds. Depending on interest, the minor guilds could potential get their own follow up book if the Mummy Kickstarter is very successful
    • The Deceived are absolutely still around (and their book is still useful) but there is a lot more room to be explored around other guilds.
    • Body Thieves, Blood Bathers, Eternals, and Reborn are the featured immortals from Immortals in Second Edition, in keeping with the immortality themes.
    • Eternals are kinda like D&D liches/Dorian Grey, with an object anchoring them and keeping them alive. But to a mummy, an object containing their lifeforce is a Relic filled with Sekhem that belongs to the Judges. So they can work together, but there will always be an undercurrent of possible betrayal.
    Thanks for the write up, very cool. Also interesting stuff here.

    On immortals, so not the Purified? I had hopes they would be in it. Their nature is fun.

    That said the Reborn are fascinating. What an interesting capability to return time and again. I bet due their physically normal nature they can learn mortal magics.
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