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  • History of Apotheosis

    Given the 'straight' nature of Arisen history, it could be important to know when Dreams of Avarice was written and certain events of the Heretic's journey occurred.

    Testament part three takes place after the Cannibal Hymn and continues on through the Mighty Despair and arguably the Fall of Isireion (he references Rome and Spartacus).

    Testament 4 opens with the Heretic leaves the Closed books to join the Shepards, in India. He begins to write again while moving into lands of the Han. Then he(?) Byzantium while 'the Romans ' were still a power (mania for exotic religions were mentioned). zHe stasyed there until at least Constantine the Great 'destroyed religious variety'. That was when he encountered the Deceived called Urmontu, and was compelled to him to write through his Ren...and he apparently wrote "The Whispers of Azar" chapter.

    It is implied that Dreams of Avarice was written in it's entirety upon his next incarnation.

    Have I missed anything?

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    During the third part of the Avarice Chronicle there's an additional little hiccup.

    The scroll is described as being "no more than 2000 years old" which implies that its still quite old, much older than its likely being penned at a relatively modern time since its mentioned that it's a relatively modern context in which the Heretic awoke to make his final testament being that he commanded Ardvan Mistry to complete his advanced degree.

    Does this mean multiple editions have been made? That much is certain by the way it's introduced and the translator's preface. But the conclusions of the work kind of rely rather strongly on the final testimony, that the Ladder of Sutek and thus Apotheosis could not have been achieved until extremely recently, in the overall timeframe of M:tC.

    Personally, I like to add to this a certain element of time travel as implied in Sothis Ascends. It's very possible the Heretic has been disseminating his final conclusion, only reached in the modern era, far back in time through the strange magic of the Rite of Return as it surrounds the Sothic Turns. Meaning the exact sequence of events might not be completely important.

    I don't have Cursed Necropolis: Rio, but I do know there's another example NPC who has achieved Apotheosis there, and the Crimson Pharaoh has been pursuing their own path as well.