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The Visitors [Variant/Expanded Template]

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  • The Visitors [Variant/Expanded Template]

    For those who don't know, the Visitors were first presented in the CofD in the Immortals book, as a "lesser known form of immortality". In their original presentation, they were the product of the first nuclear experiments which mutated the spirits of the Shadow into a semi-physical form, awakened by the paranoia and fear humanity felt because of the event- even though they by themselves believed that they were sent by galactic empires or some form of time travel to fight over mankind's destiny. While that sounded somewhat nice, it didn't really caught my interest- however, in the Dark Eras Companion, just as we got a certain update to two of the main Immortal types, there was a little sidebar which presented how few other Immortals may exist during the reign of Cleopatra- including the Visitors. This time, the connection to the nuclear bombs was (obviously) removed, turning them into true aliens which not only knew everything about the Arisen, but also found the whole thing hilarious. Their interest in the prophesies and nature as extraterrestrial beings has immediately made me think about a potential connecting between them and Fate, not to mention that Mummy in general has history with inhuman civilization, Lovecraftian themes and sidereal symbolism. To that, were added my discussion about a Mummy like creature in the Sundered World thread in the forums, and a suggestion someone once made for a form of Lifeless/Deathless which were created by Fate. And with all of that in the back of my mind, all that was needed was a single spark of inspiration in order to write down my own version to those alien beings.

    In here, I've tried to better integrate the Visitors into Mummy's setting, using all kinds of lore and references which were scattered through the books about the inhuman races which once populated our planet, and making them into both an antagonist which you can throw against the Arisen and an unlikely protagonist for either a crossover with Mummy (most likely one of the Deceived), or by its own right. You may find the whole document in here- hope you'll like it!

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    Damn,another awesome LostLight homebrew no one commented in


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      Yeah, it's a real shame. This is pretty cool.