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    Rumors that the Titannic was brought down by a mummy's curse may hold a germ of truth. The player or one of their associates holds a memory of being on the ship, and of confronting the wailing, vast horror from the sea that was the true culprit for ripping the hull open.


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      The Lament for Ubar

      In the time of Irem there was only one true rival to the might of the Nameless Empire. Ki-En-Gir, the people of the two rivers, made war by magic and augury and for a time matched Irem battle for battle. Fortunes changed in Ubar, then the capital of the empire. The Shan-iatu destroyed that city. None speak of the devastation. Or at least, none were meant to.

      Hedudimm was one of the oracles whose sight had so vexed the forces of Irem. She and many of her station were enslaved and brought to Irem to serve the empire. Hedudimm, alas, proved of questionable worth. Her prophecies were bound in to the will of Fate, this was certain, but her mind had gone mad with the revelations. Her poems were blasphemies even in the sight of the dark lords of Irem. It was with no small relief that they consigned her to be sacrificed. Alas, the mad poetess would return to prey on the Arisen as one of the dreaded Shuankhsen. But that is another tale.

      Before her death Hedudimm composed a dirge chronicling the destruction of her city. This text proved to be a potent, albeit sacrilegious, relic to the Guild of the Closed Books. It is told from the perspective of the patron goddess of Ubar, who some identify with Lamashtu in later eras. The goddess weeps over the destruction of her city, describing in frightening detail the slaughter and eldritch magics that destroy her people and temples. She then makes a long pilgrimage to various realms unheard of in Irem's mythos. She speaks with the Annuaki of heavenly Nebiru "who fly on the currents of Sekhem between the voids of stars" in their darkened spires and chilled halls that know no warmth of any sun. She dives into ocean depths to speak with the Apkallu in their airless vaults where their elders sleep in restless anticipation for their time to come again. She speaks with the girtablilu who guard the secrets of the deep deserts, molded in the body of scorpions and men, whose poison dissolves mortal flesh and whose young burrow beneath the skin. Everywhere the answer is the same. The time of Ubar is over. Irem will fall in its turn. All will pass into nothing.

      The guilds of the text and the shell strive to suppress any knowledge of this poem wherever it arises. The knowledge it describes is forbidden, and if one were to sing the dirge in the native tongue of Ubar it is said to awaken the demons and unspeakable horrors Ubar bargained with long ago for power and vision of the future.


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        •sacrifices a relic, chants in Iremite• IT LIVES! IT LIVES!


        The meret discovers a Born of Gold has taken a most strange paramour, vastly expanding his cult in the process. His new lover is one of the living progeny of Anpu, the werewolves that were well known even in Irem's time.

        THIS wolf, though, has somehow become something...DIFFERENT, feeding off a cult of worshippers and being CHANGED on a fundamental level.

        Perhaps this is why the impossible has happened. You see, the werewolf..,is pregnant with the mummy's child!

        While this would normally be an omen of hope to the Arisen, Sybaritic visions all agree: this child be an abomination of a like not seen since the days of Ki-En-Gir!

        It's time for s cult-war!


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          A meeting of the local Arisen was held for reasons (whatever works for you). Maybe you attended, maybe you didn't.
          During the meeting, humans wielding various magics attacked. The humans were successfully beaten off, & ended up running away.
          Then it's discovered that the attack itself was a diversion of sorts. The humans had successfully managed to grab a couple of Arisen to drag off with them. One of the abducted Arisen was an important ally of yours.
          The plan? Go rescue your ally, & maybe the other abducted Arisen.
          ● Uses the Faithful of Shulpae.


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            Your cult has awoken you. Apparently some group has been picking them apart, not killing them, but "curing" them of their cult attachment.
            If this goes on for much longer, you'll have to rebuild your cult from scratch.
            ● Uses Habibti Ma.


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              A certain infamous lingerer within the Mesen-Nebu has taken a particular interest in the immortal beings known as the Patchwork People, and more specifically the device that grants them their peculiar form of immortality. Based as the mysterious clockwork heart is on alchemical principles, the mummy has come to the not entirely unreasonable conclusion that the mysterious energy pulsing through the not-quite-a-pacemaker device is in fact Sekhem and the object is a type of relic. And having reached these conclusions the mummy has taken the next logical step and begun to wonder what effect such a device could have on sustaining his own existence if implanted into immortal flesh. Successful or not, he is intent on experimenting....