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    ..And this hilariously basic exercise of logic lead me to realize how broken Fire From Sand can become, and how with it one can more than easily mass murder (or host a wonderful family barbecue) people with fire without having to try to catch them while they are in range of a flammable object for you to explodinate with a unkind whisper. Am I the only one who has realized this, or is this commonly by everyone? Segueing into my next question, what are your hilarious realizations regarding Affinities and/or Utterances? As always, I love to hear your opinions, so don't be shy! Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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    Though this is a necro, a recent game I ran had shown me just how badly Dreams of Dead Gods can be abused. So there was a Flesh Mason character who had "chanced" upon the antagonist of the chronicle ( An Akhem-Urtu Philosopher host named At-Anhur, the de facto BBEG), who - rather easily after a few in-game days of correspondence- convinced him that he was a simple Scribe who had discovered a secret of the Lost Guild, but it represented... complications. The Flesh Mason managed to "coax" the secret from At-Anhur, who revealed that he had discovered texts describing a mythical relic of the Lost Guild of immense Power, a immaterial Seba that returned to earth every Sothic Turn. After a few more days the Flesh Mason was able to once again " coax" the method of how to bind such a Vessel. While there was a lot more that went on, with At-Anhur playing this admittedly too arrogant Flesh Mason like a fiddle the entire time, the mummy claimed his " reward", the Cosmic Seba One Blessed Life..

    To make this long post somewhat less long, The Flesh Mason became mortal, used this newfound freedom to try to further his eugenics experiment in the most visceral manner possible: by reintroducing pure Iremite seed into the local genome. This lead him to choosing several women to reignite his legacy with, and he stupidly attempted to build several families at one time.. and even more stupidly falling in love with all of them, leading to a very awkward several sessions of him almost derailing the game with his love nontangle ( I believe that's the correct term for a nine way relationship.. seriously). fast forward six sessions,and five decades later he finally dies and becomes one of the Arisen once more. He proceeded to then use Dreams of Dead Gods to.. sext from Duat, for lack of a better term, sending the remaining women erotic dreams for the rest of their days, and describing them in attentive, though not exactly explicit, detail.

    If there is one thing I have learned, that you should take as the moral of this tale.. its don't let a sexually curious mummy player get their hands on One Blessed Life or have access to Dreams of Dead Gods, regardless of how much of your plot you have to revise.

    ( If anyone cares, the reason this entire story arc came to pass was in order to ensure that At-Anhur could one day use one of his great grand children as a piece in the over all plot against the Meret)
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      I had a game where I played an Akhem-Urtu chronicle as the Singer, who had Word is the Will and Secrets Ripped from Skies. In the middle of a showdown late in the Descent, some reinforcements arrived. My character didn't know who they were, but he did know where the battle was taking place. So he eyeballed the distance and declared an attack on the ground one of them was standing on. Cue meteor and one roasted extra.