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Statting Slaughterers

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    I still think Dread Powers could work. If you stat them as ephemerals just replace the Numina with an equal number of Dread Powers.
    As for forming weapons from breath and blood:
    Ethereal Weapons (• to •••)
    The creature can spend a point of Willpower to reflexively summon forth a bladed weapon, whether from thin air, or through a medium befitting its nature. The weapon is aerodynamic, and has a weapon modifier and armor-piercing quality equal to the number of dots in this Dread Power. The summoned blade disappears at the end of the scene.

    Edit: The reason I suggest Dread Powers is because otherwise you might end up with a type of antagonist that can only differ by their Attribute spread and aesthetic. Dread Powers introduce much more variety, although many might not be fitting for Slaughterers.
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      Ah! Ok! Thanks! What Ban and Bane would fit them? I imagine a Ban would be something like “Cannot spare souls in Duat from torment”, with a Bane, maybe, of clay from the Nile River? I can’t imagine Slaughterers being terribly high Rank.


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        I'd probably just use the Horror rules. Those beings can access Numina and Influences as well, IIRC.