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    I’m new to mummy and curious, how long does a game usually last? I mean looking through it I feel like a mummy isn’t given very long at all. Does that frustrate or add to the fun, or just turn them into one shot games?

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    A single Descent can last as much as about 3 years, and nothing stops you from simply playing serial Descents. People more well versed in Mummy can elaborate, but the decrease in Sekhem isn't as rapid as it may seem. Keep in mind that you roll Sekhem and need to succeed on the roll to drop to the next level. As Sekhem lowers, it gets harder and harder to "succeed", which prolongs the later portions of the Descent a bit. There are also Descent Resets which extend when you need to even roll.

    Mummy is fine as a one-shot for a single Descent, or a multi-millennia Chronicle with serial Descents.

    ​Here's Azahul's fine Actual Plays Old Gods of Jakarta and Jakarta By Starlight. You'll note that in Old Gods, the PCs go through multiple Descents in the course of the game.

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      Setting aside the Sothic Turn option allowing you to stay at Sekhem 1 indefinitely, it's still possible for a Mummy to last a long time in one descent. Those Actual Plays that Vent0 kindly recommended stretched across 16 months of play, and in the case of the Old Gods there was one character who almost made it through the entire campaign on one descent. Conversely, I think there was a player who blew through three or so. I wouldn't recommend getting killed a lot, but hey, if there's one splat that can take it...

      I will note that yes, the "frustration" is definitely part of the fun. Mummy is pretty unambiguously about getting old. The reason you get that brief moment in the sun is that as your powers slip away from you and you grow ever more frail, you get to sit back and remember how strong you once were. There's a kind of melancholy to Mummy, it's a game where you get to play a demigod far above the power of the average RPG player but you'll spend more time dealing with the ramifications of lost power. There are lots of ways to hold on to individual favoured bits and pieces of your powers, particularly with the introduction of Talismans in Guildhalls of the Deathless and that can take away some of the sting, but you always suffer some loss. And you're meant to, because that's what Mummies experience. That's what humans experience too, Mummy just accelerates it so that you can play through the experience of mortality at a pace fast enough to appreciate it. Somehow, impossibly, through the lens of an immortal being from predynastic Egypt.

      Damn this game is good.