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Mummies in North America?

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  • Mummies in North America?

    I'm just curious if it's possible to play as Mummies in North America? Thinking about maybe buying the book one day.

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    Certainly. It's been six thousand years since members of the diaspora were born in the Middle East, which is time a-plenty for them to get all over the place. One of the powers an Arisen can learn can take them literally anywhere in the universe if Fate wills it, and one of the largest "imperial" powers in the modern world would almost certainly feature in Fate's designs.

    Also planes.

    There's an entire setting book around Washington D.C. called Cursed Necropolis D.C. as well, and the reality is that most Mummies have been in the Americas for hundreds of years. Some predate the arrival of Europeans, whether by mundane or occult means explored over those thousands of years of history. Others have been transported over from Europe by their cults when the humans decided to emigrate for all the same reasons regular humans did.


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      With ridiculous ease.

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