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Opinions on the Avarice Chronicle?

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  • Opinions on the Avarice Chronicle?

    I've had an eye on it and am wondering how it holds up. Like, did you find it too structured/too freeform? Were any supplements needed to play, or was the core book enough? Was the story one you could get into? Etc.

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    I've only read it, not actually played it, but it's a bit... weird. Like it was written by someone who couldn't quite accept that Arisen are immortal and can survive even being totally consumed. There's one or two instances of NPCs being killed off camera when they have Sekhem at such a high level that they shouldn't have been more than inconvenienced by the death, and it feels kind of out of place for a Mummy chronicle. I'm not saying that I object to unique and weird things happening that lead to perma-death for Arisen NPCs as such, but for the showcase chronicle of Mummy: The Curse it feels like it could have done a much better job of highlighting Mummy's unique elements rather than just trying to make it read like a Chronicle written for any other game line.

    Beyond that bugbear though, it's got some cool ideas and creepy moments. I'm not a big fan of prepared adventures but I like the globe trotting style of it, since that's both something that I think Mummy can easily be built around (with so many of them controlling Cults in the international criminal conspiracy/multinational corporation vein) but not one I've been able to figure out how to write for my own campaigns.


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      I definitely think the standout moment of that particular pre-constructed Chronicle is meeting the Deceived in their city/artist's colony of Sybaris. It's one thing being a meret of Arisen. It's a whole other thing when seven Deceived just sort of waltz up and their spokesperson utters a phrase like "We are seven, but the seven are one."

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        Something about the idea of a legion of Irem's dead and two chained Chthonic Beings always stood out as one of the most evocative moments of the Chronicle to me. Two of the most powerful beings in the setting, creatures that can be summoned but only vaguely directed by a Tier 3 Utterance, and the Shan'iatu used them as guard dogs. Gave me all kinds of cool ideas.