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Amkhata attacks a Mummy

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  • Amkhata attacks a Mummy

    It says something that if a greater Amkhata grapples a Mummy both parties use the Sekhim of the victim, but that the arisen can use his composure as defence. So therefore a Mummy with Sekhim 8 and composure 3 rolls 8 dice and the Amkhata rolls 5 dice and any extras the Amkhata gets over the mummy is Sekhim drained from the mummy?

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    That's what the book says, though it's a bit weird since Defence isn't really a stat that would come up in a grapple. We ignored the composure rule in our own games, though I suspect the section was a mistake and that it's not meant to be a contested roll at all. The Amkhat getting an unopposed dice pool equal to the Arisen's Sekhem minus Composure makes way more sense in terms of the narrative effect draining is meant to have (i.e. more dangerous the stronger a Mummy is, whereas with the rules as written it's almost always the same risk and that risk is usually pretty negligible). I mean the Composure as Defence does have a bigger effect as the dice pool shrinks, but it feels weird to talk up Amkhat as a danger to high powered Arisen when they're never terribly likely to succeed.
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      There is a very lovecraftian feel to the game. Ancient secrets long buried that modern man was not meant to know and the horror and madness they inflict when unearthed and all that.