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How many Arisen might be awake at any time ( excluding Sothic turns)

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  • How many Arisen might be awake at any time ( excluding Sothic turns)

    I figured at some time that about a thousand arisen exist, this is based on a calculation in the core book and was also mentioned in a supplement. Outside of a Sothic turn, how often are they awake and, at any given time, how many might be kicking about furthering their schemes?

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    Well, we are talking about such a small sample size that it ultimately becomes GM fiat/dependent on the story. If the plots and schemes you mention involve other Arisen and their cults, those Arisen may be awake as a response to whatever those schemes other. Individual Arisen also have wildly differing rates of being awake. One Arisen with a Lifeweb bound relic who is willing to accept the drain on Memory that frequent Descents can cause (though conversely Descents are also your only opportunity to gain Memory so that's not necessarily an obstacle) could be awake as frequently as two years in every three. An Arisen with no easy power source could go decades asleep at a time. Local relationships can be a factor as well. When the global population is so small every Arisen Nome will have different policies. Merets may organise their affairs so that they are all awake at the same time, or they might prefer to save that for emergencies and instead have a rotating roster where there is always one Arisen "on watch", so to speak. Nomes may have rivals whose cults constantly try to discover when the opposing Arisen is awake so that they can hurry and wake their own master for protection.

    I don't super like "whatever your story requires" as an answer for population questions because I do see the appeal in establishing a "baseline", so to speak (barring in Changeling where "the story" is a semi-sentient in-universe force and that response takes on a different flavour), but with the Iremite Diaspora spread so thin across the Earth there really can't be a baseline level. The numbers just exist for any meaningful stats to be drawn. The "average" Nome isn't even guaranteed to have representatives of every Guild, or a single Meret. Washington D.C. is one of the world's biggest Nomes and it only has about 20 Arisen in it.

    And all of that is without getting into the modern possibilities for international travel. With Guilds operating on continental levels by sheer necessity (they need to cast the net that wide to have enough numbers to exist as organisations with any kind of structure) it seems a lot of Arisen have taken to the modern realities of air travel and instant communication to a degree not normally seen in other supernatural creatures. It all makes it difficult to get any consistent idea of what Arisen numbers may be like outside the Sothic Turn.


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      My suggested population is 7770 Arisen. This is based on an estimated 300 or so Deceived stated somewhere in the Book of the same. I reasoned that since all Deceived are of the Snake Headed Decree, it could serve as an average for how many other mummies decrees would have made up the factSoion if the Guild had survived. So something like 1500 total in the whole Guild, which can then be estimated as the average for all five remaining Guilds for a total of 7500. Since 7770 is a multiple of 42 and the number 7 is sacred to Irem I figured it made the most sense. Its also large enough to justify a city full of Mummies in one chronicle but not so large it doesn't make sense for just one lonely mummy to be the focus of another chronicle. That's my thinking anyway.

      As far as how many are active, that will depend on the cult. On average, a time of peace and stability will see the fewest mummies arise except on certain occasions like sacred festivals or scheduled times for the Nome to wake up and touch base. In times of chaos- natural disasters, economic collapse, wars, riots, etc mummies will be called upon to protect their tombs and cults most often. A Nome with enough resources to handle it will probably want at least one Arisen awake representing the interests of their Guild at any given time, though if there isn't a major threat this could easily a mid level Journeyman as often as a true Guildmaster (who arises only for special holy days or major problems). I figure at the very least a Nome will want one Mummy on "standby" in case a problem arises affecting the interests of the whole Nome...when they have enough members to afford such a night watchman. Smaller Guilds probably have to rely on designated Sedikhs or mortal cults for things like this, and those beyond in remote places without easy contact with Guilds or Nomes must of course rely only on their own cults and resources.