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    Someone can explain to me how Arisens' community is structured and how they control the territory?

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    Probably the biggest component of both is the Cult. Arisen are few in number, spread out across the planet, and few cities will boast more than a handful (let alone more than 1-2 awake at any time outside of the Sothic Turn, though Sothic Turns last for about a century and 2012 marks the centrepoint of one of them). For the periods where an Arisen is asleep, the cult looks after their business. The cult will hold territory and mark out their master's specific interests in ways dependent on the nature of the cult. A tribal or conspiracy cult could equally work like a gang and literally hold down specific streets, or they could both work more like a corporate cult and merely mark out financial stakes in key enterprises.

    There are a few sections of society where Arisen are particularly invested. Notably, anything likely to be involved with Relics. Imports/exports (legal and illegal), archaeology, or any discipline with a chance to generate a relic as per Irem's original sacred arts are the most likely fields to attract the attention of multiple Arisen.

    Because of the scarcity of Arisen and their issues with Memory, the Guilds as a formal power structure only really operate on a continental basis. In other words, if you need to call a full council of the Su-Menent, you probably need to reach out to every Guildmaster in Africa. You won't get enough just in your local Nome in Addis Ababa. That means that outside of a Sothic Turn you're more likely to get pretty informal power structures that are likely going to be predicated strongly on the respective strengths of the local cults more than the rankings of two Guild members.

    On top of that, the problems with Memory mean that the higher reaches of any given Guild are going to be largely dependent on Talismans to remember their connections and relationships with others in their network. Further down the totem pole, those lower ranking Arisen may need to reinvent themselves with every cycle, which is part of the fun of Mummy as a game. Your history with your local NPCs can be pretty complicated, as you go from enemies to friends to rivals from life to life with each of you only occasionally remembering that your current situation wasn't always this way.