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  • Who have you played?

    Genuinely curious to hear from anyone who’s gotten this to the table over the years since release, since I’ve still seen so little about actual games and haven’t done any of my own; tell me about your character! Who were they, what was their cult, what were some notable Descents?

    Remi. she/her. game designer.

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    This is a revival, but since that is kinda the point of Mummy and people never responded.. yeah I’ll share a character I’ve played! It helps get me hyped for MtC 2nd ed anyway xD.

    I actually have played two mummy characters for monthly.. Well not really a chronicle.. One Shots that could be compiled as a collection of Descents that are all considered to be parts of the characters’ canon I suppose?

    Anyway, I play Mummy monthly with a small groups and the two characters I play interchangeably are a Lingerer Red Magician Su-Menent named Sin-Irra, and a Flesh Mason Tef-Aabhi Guild Master called Neb-Tewy-Re, or Nebmakhet nowadays ( an intentional misspelling to allude to, but also differentiate from Nebemakhet).

    Sin-Irra is a disgraced Priest of The Shell that has so far avoided much notice by his peers in recent Descents, which suits him just fine as he is trying to use his prolonged descents in order to become a Death Lord Of the Underworld, having convinced a Krewe Of Sin-Eaters to be part of his Cult, and thanks to Failing Memory has himself been convinced by that Krewe that this course of action will grant him powers to rival the Judges.

    He’s really more of a Walking Overlord reference more than anything, and uses words of Dead Hunger to try to build up a ghostly army in his spare time, and he is a sort of token evil teammate who no one really trusts, but find him way too useful to ignore or kill. Truly a fun character!

    Nebmakhet on the other hand, well that will take a deeper explanation than what I have time for right now, but I’ll try to get to him tomorrow after work. I will leave you with a few of his more bombastic titles to give you an idea of his character though: The Radiant Pillar, Storm of Ashes, Dragon Of The Desert, He Who Speaks For The Sun. The Restless One.


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      Well, I haven't actually played a Mummy-exclusive campaign, but I did roleplay a major storyteller mummy character for my players at our Mage Chronicle, in wich one of the main polt points involved the Mummy and her Cult.

      To give it some context, we were playing at a homebrew scenario, on a Wakandan-like nation called New Walkkaria. The Mummy was called Tha'egan, and millenia before this chronicle, she used to be a lover and occult advisor for the ancient Queen of the original Walkkaria City, Helênica. This Queen was at war with another kingdom led by a Sorcerer-King (an Awakened Mage), and asked Tha'egan (the mummy) for help, and she decided to help despite not having anything to do with her Descent at that time, which would cause her to deteriorate much faster.

      And so, Tha'egan and Helênica decided that they would use one of Tha'egan's relics to take the Sorcerer-king by surprise and use it to limit some of his magic powers, and when he attacked the original Walkkaria, destroying most of the city, the plan kinda worked because they managed to mortally wound him, and he was forced to retreat, but before he did so, he cursed the Queen Helênica with some spell that would trap her into an animal form forever, and just before the transformation was coomplete, Queen Helênica asked Tha'egan to care for her people, for her would not be able to do so anymore.

      After that, Tha'egan knew she didn't have enough time to explain that transition, so she used the Ebon Mask Utterance and assumed the role of Queen Helênica and with the help of Helênica's sons, the royal Princes (who later founded a new cult for Tha'egan believing her to be an imoortal Queen Helênica) led the people of the original Walkkaria to the spot where New Walkkaria was built and where the Mage Chronicle happened. Tha'egan became her secret identity and the new cult founded by the royal Princes millenia ago still believe to these days they are serving an immortal Queen Helênica.


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        The player's mages were there because they had learned that a Pylon of Seers who believed to be some kind of heirs to the sorcerer-king who waged war at Helênica millenia ago, had infiltrated Tha'egan's cult to awaken her and use her to destroy New Walkkaria, gradually convincing the other cult members thorugh magic and manipulaton that the city had become corrupted and needed to be cleansed by their Queen, while simultaneously trying to steal the Relic containing their long-dead sorcerer-king's magic for themselves.

        Throughout the Chronicle, the players managed to identify and expose the Seers among the Cult before their plan was completed, but, the players also managed to convince the cult members to awaken Tha'egan and ask her to help them to cast out the remaining Seer Pylons at the city, and so she did. They kidnapped the Domina Seer (the "boss-Seer" coordinating the Pylons on a given area) and Tha'egan used the Ebon Mask Utterance once again and pretended to be her. She told the other Seers of the Throne that her cadaveric/monstrous appearance was a consequence of the revelation and direct contact she had with the Exarchs, and that not also made her magic stronger and stranger, it also had desfigured her, and liedt saying that the Exarchs told her to retreat from New Walkkaria an focus on other places.

        Somehow this worked, and most of the Seers left town, the ones who were suspicious were captured by the Pentacle mages, and Tha'egan had a lot of free time on her hands now that she fullfilled the reason she was called by her cult, and decided to take that time to explore and remember who she was, and the players mages tagged along for the mystery ride, it was awesome.