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  • Accursed Necropolis Challenge

    So right now I'm working on a write up for the cursed necropolis Nome of Saint Louis. I intended it to be a few pages, along the lines of the settings sections in the 2nd edition books like Vampire and Mage. And as with all my writing projects, its getting longer and longer.

    So while I'm getting that ready, I wanted to ask if anyone else out there has a setting they'd like to describe. Maybe in a few paragraphs, like the "Showcase" section of the mummy rule book. Maybe in a few pages with a little history, locales, and important cults and personas in the Nome.

    If you need a place to start, I'd be interested in hearing about Las Vegas, Paris, New York or Moscow.

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    Hmmmm, I don't really have any good ideas for the cities you listed, but I've been sitting on a Mummy Nome for years now with the intent of running it in Second Edition. A lot of the details are still being sussed out pending the new book, but as a brief overview:

    The "Nome" of Yurumingin - This small Australian town on the arid border between Queensland and the Northern Territory is home to just over a thousand people. Its population is swollen by fly in, fly out workers operating at the large mineral mine located about twenty kilometres outside of town. Though these workers mostly live on site, many make the trip into town in the evenings. Yurumingin has developed quite the negative reputation among the mine workers for being unwelcoming, even outright hostile, to the presence of newcomers rather than appreciating the boon the mine presents to the local economy. This tension has the potential to ripen into something more serious, but for the moment it simply festers beneath the surface.

    The reason for this tension is that Yurumingin has, for all of its hundred year history, played host to a single Meret. These Arisen do not remember what drove them to found the town, and though the record keeping is vague information exists to suggest that they may have been at the site before the town began, but whatever foresight drove them has proven to be fortuitous. The ancient, still lands of outback Australia have a timeless quality, steeped in a human history that predates Irem by tens of thousands of years and a geography that dwarfs humankind entirely. Within this sky-bounded hall of eternity can be found relics of impossible age, beings from the primordial past, and ways to fill the holes in the Arisen's shattered memories.

    And yet the town the Arisen built sits atop the Artesian Basin, and legends of a great underground ocean beneath its surface may not be mere stories. Creatures stir in the abyssal dark, and the blind hand of the mine quests ever deeper, threatening to breach the nightmare realm below.