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  • [2E] Guilds and Immortals

    Through 2E discussions I see mentions that Mummies Guilds are somehow connected to particular Immortals types - Why are those relations? Why you think are those relations? What does it give to Guilds?

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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    Through 2E discussions I see mentions that Mummies Guilds are somehow connected to particular Immortals types - Why are those relations? Why you think are those relations? What does it give to Guilds?
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      In general it seems that all the immortals have some aspect of their brand of eternal life related to the Mummies in some way. Blood Bathers apparently soak in life robbed Sekhem, Body Thieves have a detectable bit of Sekhem hovering around their heads (presumably where their soul or mind resides in the hijacked body?) that Shuankhsen find delicious, Eternals bind their souls to objects which are apparently also relics, and so it goes. I think this topic deserves more elaborate speculation than this short response, but time is not on my side today. Later in the week, I hope.


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        So off the top of my head, some reasons immortals might be drawn to the Arisen.

        Power: Many immortals, especially Blood Bathers and Body Thieves, tend towards narcissism and egomania. It can be a little difficult not to feel superior when every around you grows old and feeble while you have the inside track on perpetual vitality. Mummy cults by their nature deal with ancient secrets, legendary items, occult rituals, and so on. All things an immortal might desire to increase their own personal array of abilities. And while none too few want to simply rob a cult of these things, the wiser who know anything about the Arisen are unlikely to relish spending their eternity looking over their shoulders fearing an unkillable, relentless, angry corpse with the power of a god is hunting them. Best to get on their good side, acquire power by working with their agenda and pursue your own goals in parallel rather than opposition. The fact that many immortals appear to have aspects of their methods related directly to the Rite of Return only enhances this interest.

        Security: Let's face it, there are certain...complications that come with immortality. People start to notice your lack of aging if you stay in one place too long, legal documents become a true nightmare after a certain amount of time- raising questions if presented and complications if hidden, and raising a family probably isn't even feasible. Some immortals also need ways to hide a lot of bodies or gain plausible background information in a short period of time. None of these things are particularly easy to accomplish, even for experienced immortals. And although some immortals, like body thieves, like to work together in groups to ease these burdens they aren't numerous enough to form a proper society all their own. The Guilds, on the other hand.....a whole of interconnected networks puirpose built to service the burdens of the undying with devotion and alacrity. The benefits are fairly obvious. The down side is of course the immortal must find a way to make themselves useful enough to take advantage of these resources, most of which usually are only required every so often when the master is awake. On the other hand again, service in an Arisen cult is at least more free and tolerable than some other immortal societies one could mention. At least the monsters of Irem have the decency to stay asleep most of the time, and in most cases their lust for sekhem is at least not as all consuming as a thirst for blood. Besides, an Arisen can be an extra layer of security unto themselves- they are rather infamous for taking offense when something violates what they consider their own, and this ruthlessness often extends to their allies as much as their tombs and trinkets.Remember, your average immortal has chosen an obscure and taxing means to preserve their own lives beyond a normal span. That implies an above average fear of death, perhaps even paranoia. So some will no doubt sleep easier knowing a literal unstoppable monstrosity that cannot be killed will come to their defense if an enemy threatens.

        Companionship: Not many immortals will admit it, but immortality is a lonely game. One can't have particularly close relationships in the long term, since their heaviest burdens and regrets would not be understood by the average mortal. Pain and anguish are things even a normal person struggles to deal over one lifetime, let alone an infinite number. Even when immortals do not prey on their mortal brothers, it doesn't take long for their accrued experience to outpace everyone around them. Even a few decades of mortal life can result in a mindset out of step with the modern world.(the sterotype of the crotechy old man ranting about better days). Imagine feeling that way about a world 300 years past your birthday. The point is, immortals by their existence become isolated. Some might try to make new comrades every lifetime, but really the only ones that they can have real lasting relationships with are other immortals. Arisen don't always make the best companions, quest driven and memory shorn as they are, but companions they certainly can be. Some immortals might even relish the awakenings as a chance to relive old adventures as pretext for coaxing an immortal to remember their past Descents. And of course, contacts with the other guilds and cults means opportunities to meet new immortals of all varieties.

        Stability: Imagine watching as piece by piece anything and everything familiar in your life crumbled away and vanished, from your friends to your city to your nation to the very language you learned to speak. Time is relentless. Just because an immortal has cracked the code on eternal life does not mean anything about their existence is sacrosanct. Seeing first hand how fleeting and fragile civilization truly is no doubt has put more than one immortal into a spiral of despair. How long can one live before they start to crave something....ANYTHING reliable and permanent like themselves. When even ideals crumble to dust what is a eternal being to do? Enter the Guilds, societies that have endured millenia before most immortals were born and from all appearance will endure until the end of time thanks to their magics and the hand of Fate. Some may scoff, but others no doubt find some kind of comfort in a structure and cause that promises to last in some form as long as they do.