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Mummies and the Hisil

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  • Mummies and the Hisil

    Mummies deal with ghosts a lot, along with other things of their Twilight frequency, but what about spirits and the Hisil? Aside from the Enlightened Senses Affinity, mummies aren't presented as interacting with spirits all that much, but it seems unlikely that the Shan'iatu would ignore an entire world of potential resources.
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    Cursed Necropolis: Rio had a few powers based on the exposure of Arisen to the Shadow (including my favourite Utterance in all of 1e, the Horse and the Rider I think it was called). That's about the extent to which Mummy has touched the subject I think.


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      I read somewhere that mummies do not like Purified Immortals - people that infused themselves with Hisil energies to live forever. But I'm not sure where it was...

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        I don't think the relationship has ever really been described but I don't see either Irem or Scorpion/Sorcerer Cults ignoring an obvious source of occult power.

        Though I don't imagine we will get the answer anytime soon. Neither the 2e Core or the Book of Lasting Death will cover the matter and I don't think we'll see any other suppliment to the line until they are done.

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          I’d definitely limit any Utterance to blunt force power over any refined mastery relative to Uratha or Thyrsus. Make a verge, force mass materialization of all present spirits, banish spirits.

          Their only entry to the Hisil coming through verges.

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