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Song of Return [Inspiring Music Thread]

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  • Song of Return [Inspiring Music Thread]

    So every gameline needs to have such a thread, IMO, and I don't think that Mummy has had one, so- here you go!

    Now, the main reason that I even started this thread is because in the last night my sleep was literaly haunted by this song-

    I must say that there is something very Mummy in both the lyrics (star, sand and shadow sound like an excellent way to practically sum up the Arisen's existence), and the dark obssession detailed in the song feels very fitting for both mummies and the Shan'iatu and how they desperatly cling to their earthly servants.

    So what about you? Which songs do you find fitting for the game?

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    So, literally have the name changed to "Will I Remember" and boom perfect Mummy music. It has that sorta cosmic timeless feel to it, but less Awe and more Despair as all turns to dust and the next descent begins


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      I'd be remiss if I didn't point out my old favorites of Perpetual Memory by Invocation Array....

      ....and Carbon by VNV Nation

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