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Nethian Geometries in your Setting

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  • Nethian Geometries in your Setting

    So I'm curious. The two setting books we got in 1st edition took the interested approach of making famous landmarks and monuments of their respective cities important plot elements of the setting. To be more specific, both the Washington Monument and the statue Christ the Redeemer in DC and Rio respectively both at as center pieces of their city's respective lifewebs, flowing with occult energy and creating conditions that allow the Arisen of the city to operate for longer intervals during their Descents. Storywise, the reasons behind their existence and the Arisen that are secretly responsible for their creation play important roles in the plot of both areas. Are there any local landmarks in your settings that take on similar roles? For example, my Nome is set in Saint Louis, Missouri. The old indian mounds that were once built in the city have one by one been dug up due to construction or other growing pangs. Since these acted as tombs or focal points for temples the old Mississippian culture considered sacred, I decided their removal caused a major spiritual wound in what had for centuries been a potent lifeweb. To add insult to injury, the merets who had been drawn to the city came into conflict over the lifeweb, culminating in a deadly battle reminiscient of the devastation during the first sothic turn. The boundary between life and death was ripped, and things from Duat were bleeding into the mortal world. A large group of Arisen intervened to end the fighting and repair as best they could the damage, culminating in the creation of a doorway into the underworld to act as an anchor and "release valve" for the tear in reality. That doorway is, of course, the Gateway Arch that is so often associated with the city. The nature of Sekhem and the way power is established to flow through and pool within works of art and grand monuments to me makes it tempting to weave famous landmarks into the backstory of a Nome. Have any of you done something similar?