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Arisen and the old Settings

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  • Arisen and the old Settings

    So I found myself rereading some of the old setting books, Mysterious Places and Ghost Stories, and began imagining how to apply them to the world of the Arisen. It seemed worth discussing, so here I am starting a new thread. Share me with your ideas and I'll share mine.

    Lets start with some low hanging fruit. The Town Secret, from Mysterious Places. In summation, a setting of a small town in some obscure corner of the world (or a neighborhood whose residents keep to themselves, or perhaps even a corporate headquarters). The twist is that the residents have access to what is effectively a fountain of youth, keeping them young and vital throughout the ages. Its a secret they will kill for, and in turn its a secret others will kill them to have.

    For the purposes of this discussion, let's assume the setting has some immediate aspects of interest to mummies even if they don't care about immortals proper. The caverns that offer the eternal youth are a vibrant source of Sekhem, somehow sustained, similar perhaps to the Fountains of Maat in the Rio setting. The more potent blood of the townsfolk likewise can attract more than vampires....lets assume it offers benefits to Shuankhsen who feast upon their flesh, or bypasses important aspects of the Blood Bathing ritual that forego the need for ingredients or what have you, maybe doubles the usual number of years a harvester gains. Whatever- for the predators of the immortal condition, the townsfolk are more vibrant and make for more tempting targets.

    So what would a meret do when arriving in this village?