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  • Random Immortal Idea with Story

    This just randomly came to me and so I had to write it. I'm also sharing it with you all. Its not edited, so there might be issues and such but I had fun writing it.

    So I hope you enjoy it!


    Future Self

    The group of four Endless were gathered around a table covered in maps and books. They were in the private room that Dan had claimed for their use in the local library, as they had yet to have their own personal place.

    They had been going at the planning for the last two hours, and they were getting tired. This wasn't because they were in disagreement but rather because they just needed to do too many things and so weren't sure how to partition the work.

    "Look guys," Alex interrupted the friendly argument going on between Dan, Rebecca, and Steve, "its getting late and I think we should call it for the day." As three sets of eyes turned towards him he grinned, "I mean its not like we were planning to act till tomorrow night anyway and so a good night sleep will help us all."

    "Maybe," Dan says in agreement with a sigh, "but it means we will have to pack up and secure everything we have out, and I'm not up for that yet."

    Giving his friend an agreeable nod Alex then begins to say, "Yeah, that's true, but..." He then trails of as his eyes go confusingly blank for a moment. It then passes and he opens his eyes and takes in the room with a confused look at first. As he turns to Dan, who was closest by, he seems to be surprised, but happily so, by what he sees. He then says, in a somewhat deeper but still his own, voice, "When is this?"

    Without missing a beat or being confused Rebecca says, "March 21st, 2021."

    "So we are planning the Barbershop Heist." Alex says immediately in response.

    It is Dan who goes on, "Yes, but we haven't yet figured out the exact plans." He then holds up his hands first, "First things first, the code please, followed by the year your from."

    A nod, "Code Alpha Psi Gamma 775, Raspberry Shortcake." He then looks the room, "As for the year 2241 via 432 CE."

    "We can do that?" Steve says with a surprised grin as he sits up from his chair. "The double transfer that is?"

    "Hold on, hold on," Dan says as he moves over to the ancient sorcerous grimoire lying upon the desk. "Just gotta make sure the code checks out, then we can talk." He says as he flips through the sorcerous grimoire that gave their group their advantage. "Right then, yep, code checks out, he is our Alex."

    Giving his friends a grin at that past-future Alex then answers the question, "We will yes, though not for a little while." He then pauses for a moment to take into view the material on the table in front of him. "Right then," he adds while rubbing his hands together in glee, "so I was voted to come here in order to move us along the path that will see us settled in our own Lodge. As part of that there are certain steps we must take during the heist, including not speaking to a Barbra Wilson and putting an object into the pocket of one James Fist." He then gives a sly smile and says, "I would also like a few hours where I may act privately on my own."

    As the other three think on what is said it is Rebecca who comments, "So how long do you plan on staying?"

    "Till Saturday night," Alex responds with. "That way I can do the private thing after proving my worth during the heist." He pauses as if remembering something suddenly before grinning," Oh, right, so tomorrow morning the four of us are going to have to go to Steve's sister's birthday, its important."

    None of the group seem surprised by that statement, insted giving an agreeable nod even though they hadn't planned on that at first.

    "Well then," Dan says into the silence, "that means we have a little less free time then expected, but with your ideas our plans hould come together faster." He looks around. "Okay all, lets' sit and plan."


    The next day the tired but pleased group had made their way to the birthday party. At one point Pamela, Steve's sister, had walked up to Steve with a confused look on her face. Pointing towards Alex, who was talking and laughing to her coworker Antonio as if they knew each other, "So how did that happen?"

    "Not sure," Steve says with a laugh and a shrug, privately putting it down to future knowledge. He then grins at his sister, "But it looks like Antonio might spend more time with us."

    "Yeah it does." She then laughs before explaining to her interested brother. "Its just that he was a last minute addition since he was originally planning on traveling out of state this weekend." She then pauses, "Come to think of it, as was you four attending."

    Giving his sister a knowing smile he goes, "Well, who can explain the mysteries of the world."


    It was Saturday morning and the four had just returned to Dan's house after the successful completion of the Heist. They had spoken to who they needed to, ignored others, planted and gathered materials, and all around achieved everything necessary.

    The group was smiling and laughing as they moved to put away their supplies and equipment. It was during this point that Rebecca, noticing that past-future Alex was changing out into more sylized clothing, asks, "So, is the super secret personal event you going on a date?"

    A great big grin is the response from Alex, "Yes. Yes it is." He then stretches a bit. "Antonio and I will meet for lunch at a cafe before seeing a play and then heading to Cameron's for dinner. We will then part, with me coming here for the transference."

    While Dan and Steve stare at him in confusion Rebecca laughs and says, "So what influence caused such a change that you would use our power to date."

    "Dan actually," Alex says with a laugh while reaching out to poke his best friend in the side. "Years and years of Dan pushing me." He then grins once more before looking down, "Right then, I call dibs on the shower so I can get clean before the lunch." So said he basically runs to the bathroom, as if it wasn't years since he was last here.


    It was late evening on Saturday and past-future Alex was whistling as he made his way up the path to Dan's front door. Upon walking inside he grins at his friends, past versions not effecting that, before going "Hey all, so I see you all staid up for me."

    "Of course," Rebecca says with a laugh, "we wanted to make sure you got home safely."

    "And that Antonio didn't do anything untoward you during the date." Steve adds with a grin.

    "I wish," Alex says with a grin of his own before giving a mighty stretch. Upon relaxing he goes, "Right guys, so this has been lovely, but I gotta go. So see you when I see you." So said he gives a single wave before his eyes suddenly roll upward as he gives a single shiver.

    "Gah," present Alex says with a shudder as he suddenly regains himself. "What happened?" He then pauses as memories of the last four to five days come back to him. "Oh. Oh. Oooooh." His eyes open with a grin, "Wow, okay, wow."

    "How does it feel?" Steve asks, not having undergone the temporal shift himself yet.

    A shake of the head, "Well, like I was at the library and now I am here but at the same time I have all the memories of what I did in the between."

    "But no understanding of future you's thoughts, right?" Dan says as he takes out the journal that contains the facts of their group.

    "Yeah, just like when you went through it. I know what happened, I have all the experiences, but I don't have any future knowledge that might have been going through his mind."

    "Do you have any knowledge of the technique he used during the heist?" Asks Steve curiously.

    "The telekinetic technique he used, no, sorry, at least not beyond me feeling that it was an advanced ability."

    "Well, as before that is a pity," Rebecca says with a sigh. She then grins, "But forget that, what I want to know is, how does it feel to have gone on a date?"

    "Marvelous!" Is what Alex says with a laugh and a grin as he plops himself down on the couch. "Absolutely, marvelous."

    The End


    So the Idea here is that the four friends found an ancient and mysterious sorcerous grimoire that unlocked within them great power - the Endless template.

    As part of this they gained a specialized Closed Rite that would allow them to shove their conscious mind into a past or future version of either themselves or their soul. When they do such a thing they take over the body while having access to both their own knowledge and the knowledge of their past or future version. Upon leaving the past or future self gains the memory of what they did, but nothing about the thoughts or nature of their future or past self.

    From a game perspective the active version is given some temporary powers and such to represent their more developed state.

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    Sounds a lot like a Reborn which experience time non linearly (minus the whole growing up part, and trapped in the same lifetime). It sounds interesting- I assume you can use whatever is govern to the Reborn in order to mopdel those Endless with a few twists.

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      Originally posted by LostLight View Post
      Sounds a lot like a Reborn which experience time non linearly (minus the whole growing up part, and trapped in the same lifetime). It sounds interesting- I assume you can use whatever is govern to the Reborn in order to mopdel those Endless with a few twists.

      The Reborn are basically my go to version of the Endless, lol, so yeah, I can see how it was immediately kind of obvious. hehe

      The base idea came to me and I had to write it so there is a lot of issues in terms of fitting it in mechanics, but it was fun writing.

      My immediately created idea is that this particular lifetime is their First as Reborn, but that they can move about using some sort of ritual to other lives they may have had and such. Like the Deathless the more they do this the more temporally transcendent they might become.

      I don't know, I just like the idea of a modern day group of people being able to put themselves into the past for adventurers while not dying in the present in order to showcase their immortality. I could see them going into the past, doing some adventure, and then the day after they return they get notification in the mail that something they set up two centuries ago has just been completed.