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A half-assed first attempt at ‘statting’ Anpu

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  • A half-assed first attempt at ‘statting’ Anpu

    Hello. What you are about to read is literally my first attempt at Mummy Homebrew, and is several years old. Thus, it’s extremely sketchy and probably full of countless problems.

    Some new ideas just hit me.

    Anpu, the lupine god of the Dead, lord of the ghostly Twilight frequency called Neter-Khertet and guardian of the spirit-gates to the Lower Depth titled Duat! A fierce cipher, Anpu acts as a mentor and obstacle to mummies of all Iremite ‘types’.

    As a Rank 6 ghost, traditional stats are meaningless to Anpu. However, a few of his more well-known abilities consist of:
    RANK: 6 (ghost).
    INFLUENCES: Egyptian Ghosts 1, Iremite Mummies 5. His Anchor, which cannot be destroyed, is the very land Irem and Ancient Egypt once stood upon.
    MANIFESTATIONS: He cannot manifest in the physical realm, as the Sekhem required to sustain him there would be ripped directly from the bodies or nearby living things, causing spontaneous deaths on an epic scale.
    NUMINA: Some of the more unique Numina possessed by Anpu include—-but are NOT limited to:
    - —-Confusing Symbolism—- -
    Anpu registers magically as a Supernal Entity of Stygia, a ghost of the Underworld AND an akathartus of the Lower Depths.

    - —-The Opener of the Way—- -
    Anubis knows any and all tier 1 Utterances that explicitly deal with summoning beings from other Realms. He cannot learn tiers 2 and 3 of these Utterances, nor may he learn tier 1 Utterances that do not explicitly summon beings from other Realms. He pays the cost from his inexhaustible supply of Essence and Willpower, which, as a Rank 6 ghost, Anpu effectively possesses infinite amounts of each.

    - —-The Road From Duat
    Though he cannot use his vast Anchor to enter the material Realm, Anpu still has use for it: to escape Duat. As a Lower Depth, escape from Duat is normally impossible, but, if one has a tether magically connecting them to the Fallen World then it is possible to come and go as one chooses.

    - —-The Road to Duat—— -
    As an automatic feature that is always on with no cost or roll necessary, functioning in every Realm (save, obviously, for Supernal Realms, should he somehow get there), Anpu can sense the quickest and easiest way to find his way back to Duat.

    - —-The Road to Hades—- -
    Anpu can, if at an Avernian Gate, cause it to open as if he were a Sin-Eater. Furthermore, should he enter a Dead Dominion, Anpu automatically senses the nature of the Dead Dominion’s Old Laws, and cannot be made to disobey them. This inability to disobey, however, does not affect him if these Old Laws would restrain him from fulfilling his duties to Duat. In this case, Old Laws of such nature may be safely ignored, and the local Kerberos seem strangely unaware such violations are occurring.

    - —-The Slave Wanders Too Far—- -
    Costing a single point of Essence and activatingbautomatically, Anpu senses an Arisen approachin* one of the River’s of the Underworld. For an additional point of Essence, Anpu May transfer himself to said Arisen in an instant. For a third point of Essence, Anpu bars the mummy’s further progress. He then initiates a Clash of Wills, which as a Rank 6 spirit he automatically wins, to force the Arisen back up into the material world.
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    Little aside, speaking of Anpu makes me think of the hilariously incorrect and pulpy version of Anubis as a patron of the Scorpion King in Return of the Mummy and adapting elements of the series of films for a quite apocryphal MtC game where old jackal head is not exactly quite satisfied with the esoteric shenanigans of the Shai'antu that led to the loss of his throne to Azar & his brand new wife and the Scorpion King as an Arisen-esque servitor of his own and one of the factors in the fall of Irem.

    Imhotep might be an arisen who found apotheosis, only to them attempt to recover his old glory by crafting an heretic version of the Rite of Return from studies and experiments on Shuankhsen and other lifeless.
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