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  • Jakarta by Starlight (Deceived Actual Play)

    I'd been planning on running a new chronicle at some point, and was mainly looking at the World of Darkness 2.0 games (tossing up between Demon or waiting for Promethean). And then Deceived came out. And it was glorious.

    In order to not spoil things for my proper Mummy group, and to allow the potential for crossover games between the two groups (since I planned on reusing the Jakarta setting I built for my Mummy game), I ended up picking players from a different pool from my usual group. One of the players has been doing this for a while, although they've never played Mummy. The other is a completely new player, never played a tabletop game before, so they're being thrown right in the deep end. There's a third potential player floating around, also new, but they're being terribly cagey with their commitments and wouldn't be able to play regularly for the next two months anyway. The group has had two sessions so far, but we haven't actually started playing yet. It took us that long to get through character creation and get the cult to a semi-complete form, but we're still hashing out the details on the latter.

    Like my Mummy game, this game is set in Jakarta in 2012, at the height of the Sothic Turn. However, to begin with, we'll be taking a step back and playing out a short story taking place during Indonesia's Communist Party Massacre in 1965. I wanted to give the players a chance to lay the groundwork for long running plots against the Mummies in the city, the kind of thing that could take decades to come to fruition.

    Anyway, in terms of characters, we have the following:

    Imhotep, the Forever Scornful, bearer of the Singer's Temakh. A tall, rail-thin man with slick black hair, his features a mix between the soft, rounded bones of his mortal self and sharp, high structures of his Temakh. He is a high ranking (Status 4) member of the Tomb Legion, reviewing the possibility of a sustained campaign against the Arisen of Jakarta. His duties have traditionally been to police his own kind, ensure that they keep to the rhythm set by their commanders in the Legion. His is the voice that sets the beat of the rowers, the march of the soldiers. He was last awake in World War II, part of a resistance movement against the Japanese occupation during the pro-Indonesian nationalism surge. His motives had little to do with those of the mortals, however, as he was far more interested in the Arisen leading a cult of Japanese soldiers and officers. Although this Mummy, named Rekhenaten, lost most of his cultists during the fighting, he was still able to garner influence among local figures of influence and transition into a new Indonesian cult. This presented Imhotep with an opportunity, however, and he has cultists of his own among the higher echelons of Rekhenaten's cult today (in 2012).
    His player selected the Affinities Blessed of the Black Stars and Syllables of the Broken Word, and elected to break one of his Utterances into component tiers. Consequently, he knows Tier 1 Kiss of Apep, Tier 2 Obedient Clay, and Tier 3 Calling Down the Black Huriyah, as well as the whole of Naming the Extinguished Star. He also bears a Seba named Choir of the Dark Stars, which allows both he and his cultists to lie as one (they never tell lies that would reveal the falsehoods of another member of the cult, among a few other effects).
    Fun piece of trivia: Imhotep's player swears that the name wasn't a deliberate steal from the Mummy. It's been so long since they saw the movie that they'd forgotten what the Mummy was called, and they picked the name from a list of Ancient Egyptian names that they most liked the sound of.

    Dalila, bearer of the Dancer's Temakh. She is the warrior to Imhotep's leader, although she lacks any official affiliation with the Tomb Legion (or any other Movement, for that matter). Her Temakh has marked her in many ways, discolouring her olive skin on her back and thighs and "gifting" her with a concave rib cage to better suit its purpose. Together, they dance near as one, and the favour of her Temakh runs down to bless her meret's shared cult. She makes her tomb beneath a storage facility, one of her cult's holdings. To those who speak with her she is energetic and fast-moving, but she is perpetually distracted by her fixation on the cosmos above. The stars have guided her through life after life, and she has followed their dance across the world for thousands of years. She moves, dances, and kills when their movements demand it. She is fiercely loyal to the Dancer, and is driven to anger by any force that might threaten their connection. Her last descent was in the 1970s, she spent it luring a long-hated enemy from Cambodia to Jakarta.
    Her Affinities are Grip of Death and Whispers to my Body, along with the Utterances Power of Re and Rebuke the Vizier. She also has three separate Seba, including Thief of Words from the Deceived book.

    We have a third player who would like to join in a few weeks, once his schedule eases up. His current plan is to take the Philosopher's Temakh and go for a very modern, perpetually active kind of character, someone with a great deal of interest in science. And also zombies.

    The two current players collaborated to design their cult, and decided on an Enterprise Cult (none of them felt like taking Enigma, so they could side-step the disadvantages). Three dots of Reach, no Grasp at all, and the Wrathful, Compartmentalised, and Academic Benefits. I'll do a proper write-up of the Cult as it stands in 2012 once, well, the rest of the details have been figured out.

    I'm really excited to start running this game. The first session of play is in a few days, I'll try to have a write-up of it soon after.
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    Good luck on this now project. Your work has in my opinion has proven to be the perfect example of how to run a great Chronicle for Mummy: the Curse. Can't wait to see this next Chronicle in action.


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      Ahem. Well, the next little dribble of information is that we have a basic overview of the Cult (at least in its first draft). The specifics of beliefs, rituals, and exactly how much the cult knows about the Temakh/Shan'iatu/Irem have been left largely untouched in order to be revealed in play. Still, you can see a brief description of the cult below:

      Lone Star Studios (Reach 3, Grasp 0, Wrathful, Academic, Compartmentalised, Blasé, Obedient, Ritualistic)

      Lone Star Studios has been operating out of Jakarta for decades. It had its beginnings as an obscure singing troupe in the early 1930s, who grew successful enough to found their own production house for the benefit of other artists. Today, it mostly works in the production of music videos, and has a roster of local talents and their agents on call.

      Behind the scenes, Lone Star owes its early success to the aid of Jakarta's Deceived. What started as a small, personal cult of devoted singers expanded into a successful enterprise thanks to the careful guidance of their immortal backers. Today, most of the company is unaware of its supernatural masters. The true believers include the company's executives, a select group of the more notable singers and dancers connected to the company, and several professional agents and talent scouts who double as recruiters for the cult. Lone Star's security team knows that they serve something supernatural, but they are rather more vague on the precise details. Outside of these individuals, most believe that they work for an entirely mundane studio.


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        I'm definitely looking forward to reading this, especially as I work my way through Book of the Deceived and after reading your Mummy Actual Play. How to the Deceived line up with their Temakh in terms of Virtues and Vices?

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          Dalila went with Vice Wrath (matches her Temakh), Immortal Virtue Vengeance, and... Hope, I think, for her regular Virtue. Imhotep has the Virtue Fortitude, also has the Vice Wrath (although, obviously, that means he differs from his Temakh), and the Immortal Virtue Authority.

          Some of that might be subject to change though. I'll double-check with the players during the game tomorrow, assuming all goes well.


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            Session 1

            Fragments of Dalila's nightmares whirled past, and the chants of her cultists returned her to life. She was standing surrounded by exhausted dancers, their ritual-through-movement just complete. At the back of the room were rows of other cultists, wearing dark suits. Even through the fog of memory, she sensed her connection to these people, but her Temakh was on edge, furious. It took her a moment to understand why, to recognise the command she'd been given.

            "Kill the traitor."

            Imhotep entered the room, accompanied by the high priest. Imhotep had been active for a while at the time the game began. He was just Sekhem 4, and was talking with the priest, a man named Fazril. He was being told that the mobs ruled the city, and the army backed the mobs. Taking any action would be difficult.

            The explanations unfolded from there. It was 1965-1966, Imhotep hadn't been paying attention. The Indonesian Communist Party was being targetted by lynchings, firing squads, and assorted other acts of mass murder. A cultist, William, had stolen one of Dalila's Seba and fled. No one knew why, but it was believed he was fleeing towards one of the city's Arisen. If he were able to deliver a Seba, he would be the catalyst of two terrible things. An Arisen getting their hands on Seba, and thus being able to see them directly, and worse, revealing to one of the Arisen that the Deceived were in the city.

            Dalila promptly gained an exceptional success on her Kepher roll, letting them track William just about unerringly. Imhotep grabbed a cultist, told him to prepare a car, and they left immediately. Dalila was swathed from head to toe in heavy clothing to prevent her corpse-form sowing too much chaos. When they reached the area, Imhotep used Face of Lies to adopt a more local visage so that they wouldn't stand out.

            The area was in chaos. It was an ethnic Chinese neighbourhood, and the mobs were running rampant. Buildings were being looted, firebombed, raided. They saw beatings and lynchings in the street. The darkness hid all kinds of myriad acts. They ditched their vehicle and continued on foot before the mobs began to clog up the street. They quickly found where they thought the Kepher trail was leading them, a burning building. Dalila used her Terror Sybaris to drive away the assembled mob, and then entered the building.

            Dodging through the fire, the pair quickly determined that William must have left just ahead of them. They saw the faces of men and women that Dalila recognised as having been near William in her Kepher vision. Interrogating the only one left alive, an old man, they discovered that they were cultists of Hetenatra, the Lady of the Broken Stele. William was trying to find her, and had warned them that the Deceived were coming. The mob had hit before they would do anything, however.

            At this point, Dalila dropped to Sekhem 9.

            To escape the fire, the pair had to leap from the second storey window. They landed largely unscathed. The street behind the building was deserted, except for a dying man. Scrabbling in the dirt, he painted words in Iremite using his own blood.

            "Heaven's eye is on you."

            Only seconds later, as they approached the main road, the pair witnessed Hetenatra in action. A star fell from the heavens and blasted through the assembled mob. Sybaris sent the entire street into chaos, and the group was separated by the mob. Imhotep, accompanied by his cultist, were dragged back while Dalila was able to force her way through. They both knew the address to meet, however, and they were able to regroup without much trouble.

            They were able to sneak close to the next house, a quiet little building tucked down an alleyway, seemingly deserted. Inside, Dalila spotted three cultists lying in wait. She used Whispers to my Body to slide through the body, disable two cultists with Sybaris, and suffocate the third man with her body. None of them were able to do anything to her. Imhotep dispatched the two Sybaris-cursed cultists, they noted that William wasn't here, and they left.

            Imhotep used Name the Extinguished Star to summon a Black Ember, letting him observe William in real time so they wouldn't be following in his footsteps. They were only minutes behind him. They finally cornered him at an older building, one with a tile roof, with only a few signs that the violence had been anywhere nearby. The ember showed William standing on the roof, gazing at the stars. They entered, and found a beaten and bruised woman sobbing in a corner. They tried to talk to her, when something black dripped and flowed from the ceiling. It formed itself into a roughly humanoid figure, a leering skull peering from the folds of its chest. It demanded that they leave, declaring that the servants of the Lady had no more wish for visitors this night. Imhotep tried to bulldoze past it, but it turned out to be insubstantial. It reacted by spewing fire at him, and Dalila flicked the creature into a cursed labyrinth in Twilight using her Seba And So Breaks The Veil.

            The two Deceived raced to the rooftop, their cultist just behind. They found William standing there. He was gaunt and wasted, sunken eyes staring out at them with an expression of agonised disappointment. In the distance, the night sky was lighting up as Hetenatra defended her territory from the rampaging mobs with meteor strike after meteor strike.

            Imhotep demanded to know why the mortal had tried to betray them. William's answer? "I had to betray you because I was going to betray you. It wasn't my choice!"

            Dalila seized William and tried to steal back her stolen Seba using Thief Of Words, but William was able to resist. The party tore into their renegade cultist, but he fought back with ghost numen and attacks, every blow clearly and visibly costing him considerable effort. When they finally bludgeoned him unconscious, Dalila dismembered him by hand (boosting her Strength to 9) and reclaimed her Seba. Her mission complete, she dropped to Sekhem 8.

            Since I didn't feel like taking one of the Seba she actually spent experience on, I invented a Seba for the purposes of this first game. Killing William allowed Dalila to seize Fate's Clouded Sight, a Seba that largely replicated the effects of the third tier of Secrets Ripped From Skies (at least, the guidance from the stars element, not the meteor shower part), as well as supplying her with Danger Sense for the rest of the scene after she used it. She added it to the collection of Seba already attached to her soul.

            The plan was to move forward to 2012 for the next session, and we were running low on time. The two Deceived, their mission complete, decided to take advantage of the chaos to hunt down and kill a few more of Hetenatra's cultists, hopefully leaving her crippled. They extracted some names from the crying woman in the room below, and went on a bit of a hunt.

            Dalila also decided to spend a bit of the remaining descent learning a few more specifics of Amkhata construction, picking up a specialty in it.

            The whole session went pretty swimmingly, I felt. Very combat heavy, but we were trying to help one of the players get a feel for the mechanics and it seemed like the easiest route to go down. It was pretty fun to see the characters being somewhat disgusted by the Communist Party massacre unfolding all around them, while simultaneously feeling entirely justified in murdering every single Arisen cultist they came across.

            Next up, we bring the Deceived to the present!


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              Session 2

              Imhotep woke in the midst of a storm, Sothis calling to his soul. The first few moments of the descent passed as a montage of broken images. He saw himself rising from his sarcophagus, wrapped in burial linens. He was at the entrance to his tomb, forcing open the sealed doorway. He was standing in the rain, water soaking into his dry, dead flesh and pooling in the spaces where his organs used to be. All around him were mortals, on their knees in the mud, the steady pale glow of their lamps not so much as flickering despite the storm's fury. Then light flashed, he was blinded, heard screaming, saw blood, and found himself eye-to-eye with a chimerical beast out of nightmare. It looked like a large dog, and acted like one as it stalked back and forth around just out of reach, bit its head was that of an immense bird of prey. His cultists were fleeing, or bleeding, or dying on the ground. The creature's beak dripped blood.

              Unarmed, Imhotep summoned up the power of the Kiss of Apep and lunged at the creature. The poison sank into its flesh, causing it to shriek in pain. It lashed out, scoring some deep wounds with beak and claw, before breaking and fleeing down the mountainside and into the nearby woods.

              Imhotep had a moment to take in his surroundings. He was at his tomb's entrance, high up on the side of a mountain several hours' drive from Jakarta. Memories of his most recent descent were beginning to return. He didn't recognise the four large buildings not far from where he stood, but he did know that Dalila's tomb was not far away. Even as he resolved to head towards her resting place, he felt a surge of Sekhem from that direction and knew she was returning to life.

              Dalila woke to the aftermath of violence. Injured cultists were lying about her tomb, even as she was greeted by a man she didn't recognise. He was middle-aged, with thick, heavyset limbs and a bloody handkerchief pressed to a wound on his forehead. He greeted her in the language of Irem, but he called her "Kehetkhat" and spoke as if talking past her mortal body to the Temakh inside. His next words became her mission for the coming descent:

              "Aid the Singer."

              Dalila, the cultist in toe, had left the tomb in time to see Imhotep approaching. Both Mummies were at Sekhem 10, and had a chance to observe one another in their true, dead forms. Dalila looked largely like a corpse-like version of her regular body, but Imhotep was drastically deformed. Extra withered limbs sprouted from his sides, his entire face appeared crooked and broken, and he spoke through a mouthful of sharp, inhuman teeth.

              Bowing profusely, the cultist greeted "Siranuthis". When asked, he said his name was Umar Kusumah Wikarah, an executive on the board of Lone Star Studios and the hierophant who had succeeded Fazril following the latter's death. He said the creature had attacked the cultists at Dalila's tomb first, before rushing away at the moment of Imhotep's rising. Luckily, the cultists had been following Imhotep's instructions to awaken Dalila to help him on the eve of his Sothic Turn, so they had already nearly completed the ritual required to bring their foremost protector to life. He handed Imhotep a small handgun, warning that the weapon had been useless against the creature that attacked. Dalila had been making quite a study of Amkhata in the recent past, however, and was able to both identify the creature as such and declare that any weapon in Imhotep's hands would be a potent tool against it.

              The two Mummies ordered Umar to wait for them at Dalila's tomb, and struck off towards the woods. The Amkhat was waiting for them. Dalila spotted it moments before it sprung its ambush, and a brief struggle sent it bounding towards the woods. Dalila had stood in the way of its attacks to prevent it reaching Imhotep again, and taken several nasty blows in the process. The pair decided to set a trap of their own to lure the creature out, but it returned and struck while they were still preparing. It leapt down from the treetops onto Imhotep's back and tore into him. He threw the creature from him, put several bullets into it and left it mortally wounded. A sickly green mould leaking from its wounds, it turned and limped away through a stand of trees. Dalila and Imhotep gave chase, with Imhotep increasing his dexterity in order to dodge through the trees and Dalila increasing her strength to inhuman levels in order to just bulldoze her way through after it. Dalila reached the Amkhat first, and pulled its head from its body with her own hands. The creature collapsed in on itself into a steaming mound of rotting animal parts. She felt the favour of her Temakh flow through her, keeping her at the peak of her power just a little bit longer.

              It was only a few hours until dawn. They met Umar, who congratulated them on their successful hunt. He offered to show them the grounds, because they were standing on the very heart of their cult's territory. In the last few decades since their last arising, the decision had been made to build an artists' retreat near their tombs. Away from the big city and high on the other side of a mountain, it escaped the worst of the light pollution that spilled from Jakarta and offered unparalleled views of the night sky. It was secluded enough, walled by jungle on the lower slopes, that the cult could practice their rituals away from prying eyes. The four buildings they had seen were the main hall, where the cult's own artists could live away from the noise and frenzy of the city, the staff quarters, where employees of the cult lived and where a small armoury, provided by Imhotep's contacts in the Tomb Legion, was kept, a small recording studio that looked like a circular concrete bunker, and highest on the slopes, the dome of a small observatory.

              Dalila entered the observatory, interested in the progress the cult had made in tracking the movements of Seba that were known to shower down upon the world during Sothic Turns. Inside, along with the computers, telescopes, and other scientific apparatus, were walls adorned with Iremite hieroglyphs and ancient star maps. She met with the two cultists who staffed the building, sullen, black-garbed men named Romi and Abdul. Abdul told her that he had been scrying for falling stars for the last three decades of his life. He believed he knew when a manifestation of a singer's Seba would take place, only a few weeks away, but the location would require further divination.

              Imhotep, meanwhile, went to admire his armoury. Umar showed him into the staff quarters, where small cubicles contained little more than beds and a few Iremite symbols of worship. At the back of the building was a heavy steel door, and behind it, the very latest in modern weaponry. Imhotep returned Umar's handgun and picked out a few weapons, including several wickedly sharp melee implements for Dalila, saying that they should be shipped to the cult's Jakarta's headquarters for easy use when he needed them. He kept a single small handgun for self-defence in the meantime, and brought Dalila a knife.

              As the night began to fade, Umar summoned a driver and had all of them driven into the city. They were passing the outer suburbs as dawn broke. The Mummies were safe inside the vehicle with its heavily tinted windows, and Umar assured them that they could reach the studio headquarters in South Jakarta without ever encountering a mortal soul, thus sparing his masters the indignity of disguises.

              Sure enough, a secluded carpark led to an elevator that took them out into an empty office. Clean, white walls and a dark carpet was the main impression the two Deceived took from their cult's central office, until they were ushered into the main boardroom. There were three cultists there already, two men and a woman, and a glass case containing a traditional dress of garish green and gold colours. There were two seats set for them, side-by-side at the head of the table. Umar sat to their left, and the others all took their seats again, leaving just a single empty chair in front of the glass case.

              Documents and portfolios were then produced, all dealing with the cult's enemies in the city. Umar split the pile into two, one for the Arisen the group had personally encountered, the other for the Arisen they had no previous contact with. After a brief review of their files on Rekhenaten, Hetenatra, and Sekhet Bastet (the first pile), they delved into information their cultists had gathered on the other Arisen in the city. Imhotep's spies among Rekhenaten's cult, most principally a man named Lies, believed there were 11-13 Arisen in Jakarta. He had helped identify several of the cults Rekhenaten's people dealt with, while other cults had been discovered independently. All told, they had information on the Guildmaster of the Su-Menent, Kotira Nahan, the Guildmaster of the Sesha-Hebsu, Yama-Het, and on the city's only Maa-Kep, Mot-Tan. They also had recently put together files on a large meret, including the Guildmasters of both the Tef-Aabhi and the Mesen-Nebu. These Mummies shared a cult with Dalila's enemy, Sekhet Bastet, and were closely allied. Until recently, they had been placed in the Thousand Islands, but their cult had recently gone underground.

              Reviewing the files with counsel from their cultists, the Deceived tried to decide which target to focus on first. By the end of their descents, they wanted the Mummies of Jakarta to be in ruins. Imhotep wanted Rekhenaten to be awake before he put his plan into action. Lies was highly placed enough to have discovered that Rekhenaten was closely involved in people smuggling and criminal activities, as well as the highly placed political connections he had made through his country club, but Imhotep wanted to discover why Rekhenaten was interested in these people before making his move. Hetenatra was deemed to have been broken already, she could be safely ignored until she woke and began trying to rebuild (one female cultist, Adit Machangi, noted that she had only a few aging servants left, and that Lone Star had taken measures to stymie their attempts at rebuilding their mistress's cult). And Sekhet Bastet, along with the rest of that meret, had seemingly vanished along with their servants. Lone Star had yet to track her down.

              With the known enemies ruled out, Imhotep and Dalila decided to target Kotira Nahan. The Guildmaster of the Su-Menent was supposedly engaged in a conflict with a previously unknown third party, a pharmaceutical company called LDI. In addition, Lies had reported that it was thought she shared her cult with a second Mummy, an unknown guardian. Breaking that cult would harm the influence of two Mummies in one go, and their concentration would be elsewhere. It would be easy to disguise any actions taken as the actions of LDI, after all.

              With a mission decided, we called an end to the session. Dalila joined Imhotep at Sekhem 9, and spent some of her leftover starting experience fleshing out the skills she needed to build some Amkhata of her own.


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                Wow. Very nice so far and cool connections to your "traditional" Arisen group and great use of this setting. You sound like an awesome storyteller. I definitely have to read this book in detail.

                Also, would you mind making a post somewhere of all the custom Seba and Relics your players have, across games?
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                  Sure. Most of the ones from the Mummy game are detailed at various points throughout that play thread, but I can summarise them here as well. Two of Dalila's Seba are from the book, but the other two, as well as Imhotep's one, are invented. I'll get post them all here later today, once I've dug up the files.

                  And thanks for the compliments.


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                    Ok, so, Seba. Imhotep has the following:

                    Choir of the Dark Stars (3 dots)

                    Power: The void whispers secrets to hide and conceal its favoured servants, and empowers them to speak with one voice. The bearer of this Seba forms a choir alongside his Retainers and Cultists. Whenever any of this group needs to lie, they may use the bearer's subterfuge rating in place of their own.
                    In addition, if the bearer is a Mummy, he may allow these mortals access to his Sheut Pillar. He must declare this as a general agreement to allow access, rather than deciding on a case-by-case basis. Whenever any member of the Choir needs to make a Subterfuge roll, they may spend a point of the Mummy's Sheut to automatically gain one success instead of making a roll. If the dice pool would be a chance die, however, this results in a dramatic failure instead. The favour of the void is fickle.
                    Finally, whenever a member of the Choir is about to tell a lie that would compromise the falsehood of another member of the Choir, they instantly intuit this fact and can immediately invent a new lie that preserves the cover of all members of the group.

                    Curse: Once a story (or about once every five sessions), the void turns against its Choir. Someone they are speaking to automatically intuits that they are being told a lie. This only ever happens when the Choir member is actually speaking the truth. Although corroborating evidence may reveal that the Choir was indeed being truthful, the individual who assumed they were liars will be slow to trust them again.

                    Dalila, in addition to Thief of Words from the Deceived book, has the following:

                    And so Breaks the Veil (3 dots)

                    Power: The Deceived know Neter-Khetet well, spending their time between descents lost in that dark realm. Mad whispers hissed in the ears of doomed occultists birthed this Seba, a terrible curse capable of driving an individual from one universe to the next. With a twist of the bearer's limbs, their victim is cast through a ragged rift in reality into a new dimension, where they are trapped in a spiralling labyrinth of smoke and darkness until they can work their way free.
                    Activating this power requires the expenditure of a point of Willpower, and calls for a contested roll of Presence + Expression + Sheut versus the target's Resolve + Composure + Sekhem. If the attacker wins, the target is trapped in the Twilight maze. To escape, the target must accumulate 5 successes on a Wits + Composure roll suffering a penalty of the bearer's Sheut. Every roll takes ten minutes. Upon reaching the requires number of successes, the target emerges from the maze into the real world, appearing from a nearby patch of shadow or darkness while no one is looking.

                    Curse: The bearer of this Seba draws closer to the realm of ghosts. Anytime a ghost targets them with a Numen, they count as having the maximum possible manifestation bonus (normally +3).

                    Fate's Clouded Sight (3 dots)

                    Power: The bearer can call upon the cosmos for insights into their own future. This works like the first power of Secrets Ripped From Skies, Tier 3. The Bearer rolls Memory (or Morality) + Ren, with a -5 penalty if the stars are obscured due to the weather, light pollution, or some other reason. On a success, Fate grants a clue to a problem currently facing the bearer. Each attempt to contact Fate costs the bearer a point of Willpower.
                    For the rest of the scene, the bearer also gains Danger Sense, as Fate warns them of harm to come.

                    Curse: The bearer of this Seba gains the Irrationality derangement for the rest of the Chapter upon activation.


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                      Oh, this is certainly a bunch of goodies...

                      Revlid wrote:
                      Yes, hollowing out your humanity to become an utterly utilitarian asura is the exact suggestion I would expect from you, Aiden.


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                        Glad you like them. I love designing Seba. There's a rapidly growing document lying around on my computer of custom Seba I plan to throw into this chronicle. Given how frequently they drop during Sothic Turns, I feel comfortable enough to have a few doomed occultists wandering around with 3-4 or more bound to their souls (no Willpower and a ton of curses? Sounds like a fun mortal character) and a number of others waiting for opportune moments in the story to manifest. By the time I've exhausted my Seba ideas I suspect there'll be more floating around Jakarta than all the non-Seba relics put together.

                        Speaking of which, Zelbinnean, here's a link to a post where I summarised the custom relics being carried by my regular Mummy party:



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                          Thanks for the link! And yeah it seems like Seba are much more prone to be created as we might say "spontaneously" (though still through great effort on the part of artists, though perhaps not typically purposefully but as a by-product of incredible artistic expression), versus Relics being intentionally made. So in a way, Seba seem kind of like amped-up, immaterial Vestiges...

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                            There's also a sizeable category of Seba that are just spontaneously generated on their own and rain down on the planet during the Sothic Turn. It's an easy excuse to have a few dozen Seba just lying about.


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                              That makes sense especially for how many Seba a given Deceived can start with, let alone acquire and keep during the course of play, versus Arisen who typically only have a couple of Relics and return the rest they find into Duat when they repose into henet.

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