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a Mummy and 5 Werewolves walk into a bar...

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    Originally posted by Azahul View Post
    A bomb going off in the tomb would almost certainly wake the Mummy.
    Oh, yeah, undoubtedly. But that still doesn't make this nice for the cult, regardless of what happens to the foolish mortal arsonists.

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      The point is, abandoning the tomb and relocating the mummy is an extremely drastic measure, and pretty much the last measure the cult is going to employ in defense of itself and its master, when all easier solutions (such as awakening the mummy and sending her after the meddling party) have been exhausted. A small group of mortals causing this is thus implausible.


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        All it would take is a buyout and subsequent plan for demolition. There's two tombs in the Cairo Hotel in Washington, DC. A fire almost destroyed the place in 2007. All it would take is some planned arson. Even if your tomb is fireproof, fireproofing everything around it can be prohibitive or offer other problems. If asbestos was used, for example, in order to ensure fire proofing, then it might need to be removed due to associated health risks.

        There's a number who have their tombs in underground chambers, sub-basements, which could require relocation for a few reasons, notably earthquakes but also flooding and other natural disasters.

        You could look at the various Mummy location books and see a variety reasons for why a mummy might need to be relocated, or why they've relocated their own tomb.


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          Well, this thread got misleading recently.


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            First edition werewolves can't beat first edition mummies, at least not without some difficulty. It was only natural the thread would deviate eventually. A new name might be worthwhile, though.