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    Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
    Was it exclusively an add-on rather than an included stretchgoal? Because I pledged at the 70 dollar level and don't appear to have ever gotten a link. The last message I got on the kickstarter was the Dreams of Avarice links.
    The link was inside a backer-only update on the kickstarter site, so you should be able to find it there.
    They didn't send us an mail with the link (except for the mail kickstarter sends about project updates).


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      Does anyone if they have a .mobi version planned?
      I bought a few days ago, and as a pdf it's basically unreadable on my Kindle.
      They should really tell you what file formats you'll get when you buy something, instead of just writing "Multiple File Formats". It's actually kind of pissing me of, seeing as this is one is more expensive than the other Anthologies I bought and I am not getting any of out of it (yet?).

      My custom legacy (2e)- The Disciples of Rathma - Life/Death focused Moros/Thyrsus Legacy, comments appreciated