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Can the cult communicate with a sleeping mummy? is the cult of set appropriate?

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  • Can the cult communicate with a sleeping mummy? is the cult of set appropriate?

    I do not have Mummy currently, but I'm reading about them for the purpose of a potential antagonist (I have mortal remains and demon storyteller guide). Now I know that I can do whatever I want (and probably will), but I'm curious if a few things are appropriate. Firstly I've been playing around with the idea that a Vampire Priestess the the Cult of Set leaves Egypt during WWII, because the sanctuary is in the middle of a war zone and it turns out the Loyalists of Thule are looking for it. It then occurred to me that it might be interesting if amongst other things, she was protecting a Mummy. So my questions are, would she be able to communicate with the Mummy without waking it? seems mostly unlikely. is the Cult of Set actually appropriate for a Mummy? If she had to wake the Mummy for the journey how long would the Mummy likely be awake for? the details seem light on this in these books. Lastly is the Mummy any more equipped to determine a safer location for them than the Vampire? not sure if they have any divining powers.
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    Assuming a Mummy pursues its purpose and doesn't trigger too many Descent checks for rogue behaviour, you're looking at between 6 and 18 months of activity. Potentially much, much longer if it gets some Descent resets at low Sekhem levels (I think a Descent reset at Sekhem 1 gives you another 6 months of activity, for example). And there are a variety of different ways that can be extended or lowered, so the answer really is "It depends". That said, I think a year is a pretty good ballpark estimate for the average descent.

    Can't speak to the Cult of Set, but all Mummies have the ability to inflict Sybaritic Omens on mortals around them, enabling them to milk mortal terror for prophecies. An appropriate prophecy would make a Mummy well suited to tracking a safe location. Mummies also have access to Kepher, a relic-focussed diving ability, and a few different Utterances and Affinities offer options in that respect. So yes, a Mummy could definitely be equipped for divination. Sybaritic Omens are probably all you need for this specific story though.

    As for communicating without waking Mummies, there are a few corner cases I can think of where that's possible. There is an Affinity in the Book of Deceived which means that the Mummy's cultists always do exactly what the Mummy would have told them to do, had the Mummy been awake at the time. But your best bet though would be to have that Mummy possess a relic allowing for that kind of back-and-forth. Mummies don't remember events in Duat when they wake (until they achieve Apotheosis), but I could see this being somewhat removed from their waking mind.


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      The Cult of Set would work if the Mummy was of a specific Decree (That of Name), if it is one of the Deceived, or seeks Apotheosis... or really, if that Mummy knows enough about Iremite religion. He would call the god Sutek, and the mythology is slightly different than egyptian. I still think it fits. IIRC the Cult of Set was all about protection in the darkness, by the darkness, wasn't it? Fitting, I think. And it should be noted that a mummy with the Dreams of Dead Gods power can cause random important (to the mummy) people to have dreams about them, inspiring them to do certain things. If you get imaginative with Relics, you could approximate things--just remember though that when a mummy is in its slumber, its soul and mind are occupied, so it can't directly chat. I could see a relic that left a sort of ka-like impression in the world to advice people of its will.