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  • Mummy and Bartimaeus

    Is it just me, or could the Bartimaeus series (particularly the insights of the titular character) be used as inspiration for a mummy's outlook on history. One quote that has stuck with me was when Bartimaeus said to Kitty after she said that he must be lucky to live forever that "Eight world empires have risen and fallen since Ptolemy died, and still i wear his face. Who do you think's the lucky one." I can just imagine a high-memory Mummy saying something like this (besides the bit about still wearing Ptolemy's face).

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    Could be Uter?

    It's not an uncommon opinion for immortals to have. Mummies are actually unusual in that they can't remember the breadth of history too well, so their opinion on immortality is going to be skewed. They might view it like they suffer from dementia, feeling that their condition has made them a different person from who they should be, for example. I don't think their position on immortality is going to hew too close to the trope expressed in Bartimaeus though, not unless they blame their Memory in part on their age.


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      It's just that I thought that the way that Mummies 'hopscotch' through history is kind of similar to Bartimaeus, what with his periodic summonings. Maybe not


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        To be fair, a Mummy with Memory at 5+ is probably going to have some affinity for that viewpoint. Or someone who relies heavily on a Talisman, although they're more likely to feel like they're looking at recordings of a stranger.