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  • Infinite Macabre: Mummy

    So, how do you see Mummy working in an Infinite Macabre setting?

    A reborn Iremite Star Empire (actually a barely held together federation of Guilds and Cults, but don't let anyone else know), with Arisen roving the star lanes in their Tomb-Ships, and besieging worlds for their Relics?

    The secret immortal rulers of a Stellar Council, bringing order and civilization to distant worlds?

    Time-lost travelers, rebuilding a shattered interstellar civilization, and fighting against the rapacious raiders of the Devourer?

    [A little bit of Stargate? A little bit of Star Wars? A little bit of Firefly? A little bit of WH40K? A little bit of Traveler? A little bit of Star Trek?]
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    Started because I had the image of a Super Star Destroyer-like ship over a world. Scene cuts to the Arisen rising from their resting place upon the ship and walking to the bridge. They receive the report that the world below has refused to turn over the Relic that rightfully belongs to the Mummy and the Judges. The Sekhem 9-10 Mummy turns their pitiless gaze upon the planet and give the order to open fire.

    Come on, who doesn't want to have their character say "I find your lack of faith in the Judges disturbing."?

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      A whole lot of Stargate and WH40K, I'd imagine. Perhaps Goa'uld could be some kind of particularly insidious Amkhat.

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        I had just such an idea long ago. Here beith my notes. Hope you get something useful out of them. :3

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          So, personal setting talk. Let's talk the galaxy cluster Reflection.

          So, nutshell to get us to where the Mummies are the most relevant. In the future, a gigantic Stygian Gate that the nations of Earth would call the New Frontier Gate appears in orbit over the Earth. After some initial exploration leading to the impossibly habitable super-earth Danu and revelations of a greater gate system, initiatives began world wide to get mankind out into the stars, secretly aided by several supernatural parties who had found exciting information as pertains their species, and a significant portion of the population relocates to Danu. This abruptly crashes when one day the New Frontier Gate just straight up disappears, leaving the forward party stranded with less resources than expected to start new territories. In order to consolidate, the old nationalities were abandoned in favor The Alliance, all of the travellers united in the face of their isolation and struggles establishing society. Not long afterwards, a strange cosmic event future generations would call the Revelation pulsed out all over the galaxy cluster, causing monsters to be revealed to the populace. Several parties worked into overtime to arrange for diplomacy rather than war, resulting in a series of legal codes between humanity and the various monsters called The Balance. The 'gun' that backed The Balance was the arcanatech system called Insight, which initially began as a backup system in case the Revelation failed(which it inevitably did) pioneered by a joint effort between remnants of Valkyrie and Network Zero.

          SO, Now onto Mummies. In their section of the Balance, called the Judgment of Sanderson and Merew-Tjaw, Mummies were given rights that would allow them to enter into the property and territories of others for the purposes of obtaining relics for the Judges, and that such relics must be surrended without contest, so long as their Kepher senses were supported by findings from a detailed Insight scan verified by a member of the Alliance, more or less, on the grounds that the Arisen in response would keep their responses and work within the accepted realm of civilized behavior-the specifics aren't so important, considering that the specifics are not only long and convoluted, but also changed a whole lot from this point on.

          ANYWAYS, this effectively made the Arisen and their cults a sanctified body outside of the Alliance, already a sort of micro-nation-hell, the Arisen just flat out unified and said "We are the new Nameless Empire". THe Arisen wouldn't bargain for less, as they served the Judges and the choices following that were either autonomy or subjugation of the Alliance. They had rights that allowed them to impugn on other people's rights, though it was to be as minimal an occurence as one could hope. It wasn't long before a coalition of Americans took moves to counter the rights of the Arisen, ultimately leading them to establish the Celestial American Empire. With both the Nameless Empire and the Columbian Priesthood* creating friction with everyone else, it was a matter of time before the Alliance broke up and formed five more nations, leading into the seven super-nations that rule Reflection in the time the game is intended to play at.

          If that was TLDR for you, all of humanity and gameline monstrosity could have been united together under one banner if it hadn't been for the damn mummies. Well, them and the Americans.

          The Nameless Empire, at the time of the setting, still has a good amount of freedom when it comes to obtaining relics-as international law goes, the priority is still largely "Let the Arisen do what they need to and get out quick" in most nations, although the goodwill of the Alliance has disappeared as the Empire became an actual political state and other parties started having secrets to keep. Still, they are the only faction on the governmental side of things to be strictly ruled by monsters, and while international law is a pain in the ass for them, you'll never find a stronger advocate and fighter for The Balance than The Empire, in a weird twist of events.

          As far as power in Reflection goes, the Empire might not be popular, but let it never be said it's not effective. Mummies are surprisingly good terraformers, and naturals at creating high quality goods and products in the arts of course, which means that if they can't get it done with slaves, they can and do have plenty of room for contractors, with an ease of option to become a citizen of the Empire if one does so. Still, their draconian rule mirrors the days of Irem as much as possible, so while the desperate are willing, well, the Empire's not popular. As transporters throughout the galaxy cluster go, they're nowhere near as good as Mages or Beasts, but time, territory, and discovery of places that effect like the Plain of Bones means they have more options than just the Stygian Gates for delivery, so they rank just under Changelings and Sin-Eaters. While the armies are less important now than they were in the days of the original, the Nameless Empire still has a large and frightening army.

          The Deceived can be found in the other nations, even as citizens, and often act as advisors to high ranking officials in regards to the Empire.

          So, yeah. There you go. They totally still go on conquests, raining lasers from their bronze and gold clad skiffs and barges.

          *It does not help that the leader of the Americans at the time had a series of visions('visions', who knows now) proclaiming that the Goddess Columbia had chosen this people and this place to perfect the work laid out before by the other gods and nations into one united whole and raise a unified people, and thus declared the new America as a holy work that all would inevitably come into. It really does not help that they got the most buddy buddy with a seemingly subservient God-Machine and to date works with angels and Apocalyptic** demons with frequency-hell, they have more demons than anywhere else, period.

          **Long story short: there are two kinds of Unchained demons in Reflection: Apocryphal Demons(named after their section of The Balance, The Apocrypha, which largely argues for right to privacy and secrecy) and Apocalyptic demons. Apocryphal demons were the only ones not revelead by the Revelation, and to this date, Insight (supposedly) still can't identify them. An Apocryphal demon can at anytime Reveal themselves and make themselves permanently known quantities, called Apocalyptic demons, who by and large work to maintain the Apocrypha and play the same public game the Machine opted for. An Apocalyptic cannot become Apocryphal again, and their main difference is in how they've traded Cover for Sanctity, a reflection of their sacred coding that can be patched with Pacts to determine whether they are seen as a divine being, an ordinary person, or just a machine.
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            I don't know why, but the only thing I can think about the subject is "the Devourer is a super massive black hole, and Duat is on its other side"

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              Hmm. On my end, I feel that if the Devourer had a kind of tangible presence in Infinite Macabre it'd be more like the encroaching of the Darkness in the story of Destiny than an expanding physical phenomenon occupying a discrete and limited space.
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                If I were to run it:

                The Shan'iatu were inhuman C'tan/Reapers that originally drifted through space in millenia long cycles that took them from habitable world to habitable world leaving mass extinction events behind. Eventually they came across Earth and decided these filthy hominids might be useful for speeding things up. (To make this really old they might have speed up human evolution so that you could have recognizable human mummies in the early days of hominid evolution)

                The six Guilds never learned the science behind their arts which is why they could never quite accomplish what the Shan'iatu did. They had something like the view of the Admech from 40k where all the high tech is magic and the fabrication process is steeped in ritual.

                Vestiges are basically Sekhem batteries. The reason they all look so different is that they were meant for different things as a matter of practicality and ergonomics. The fire staff that burns away the impure needs a smaller power cell than the main gun of a war ship.

                Relics are the linchpins of Iremite technology. Their curses are a combination of lacking the required skill to use them properly and not having the right security permissions.
                -Amulets were brain or skill implants and occasionally remote uplinks.
                -Effigies were blackbox smart systems like the sarcophagus from Stargate
                -Regia were the products of advanced materials science, smart matter, and nano machines
                -Texts contain the mental keys to certain ideas and abilities engineered into humans and some other ancient species.
                -Effigies were biological tools made through genetic engineering and physical augmentation designed to give living humans abilities from the created creature.

                The pillars of Irem refer to orbital elevators used for shipping riches and slaves into space from conquered worlds as well as taps to draw Sekhem directly from the planets until they were dry. Earth, being exceptionally bountiful had so many of these they resembled a forest of dead, petrified trees reaching into space. Irem might also have been a former moon or captive asteroid that served as the capital of the empire and which had a ton of elevators.

                The tombs of the Arisen are ships with an indoctrination like ability to form cults to maintain them. Most of them are planet bound and buried under ancient ruins because the ancient devices that powered or controlled key systems have been stolen since the fall. They are extremely durable, but generally not armed for open battle. Many contain facilities for practicing the Guilds' arts but for some reason the machines no longer obey the commands of their Arisen owners even after extensive diagnostics.

                The Rite of Return involved uploading the minds of the future Mummies into computers and in the process installed powerful compulsions.

                Mummies were senior tech specialists and agents of the Shan'iatu who oversaw the aftermath of conquest such as investigating any technology for something of use as well as overseeing the infrastructure that supported the black war fleets. Their remains are memory cores and limited nano machine makers specially designed to host their data-souls.

                A Descent consists of download the mummy into the body from the tomb computer as well as a shot of power to fill its batteries. Doing so requires huge amounts of Sekhem power and usually drains a tomb-ship's reserves almost completely. More vessels take some of the strain off and let it recharge that particular system more


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                  All wonderful ideas. I haven't run anything in this vein, yet, but I'm working on elaborating the initial seed ideas I listed above.

                  Anyone else have anything?

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                    The writer of the powers said Beast Companion or Command the Beasts (can't remember) was made kinda imagining that, one day, Mummies will fly around space in their tomb-ships which would be giant bio-ships that could be directed by their powers


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                      All I can think of now is "Heart doesn't suck now does it?!".

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