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    The section on Utterances in Mummy makes mention of Arisen magic's being cloaked in the symbolism of the Guilds of Irem, advising the Storyteller to evoke certain imagery when players call down the heavens, but doesn't give much in the way of explicit examples. I suppose for the Mesen-Nebu and Tef-Aabhi, you can talk about the patterns of Dedwen and Heka, but what about the others? What Guild symbolism and imagery have you all used in your games?

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    Maa-Kep are the lash and flail, the strength of the masses, whispers and unified shouting, shadows, masks, symbols of office. They walk among the common man and command him both; they are the ever-watchful eyes.

    Mesen-Nebu are cut gems and precious metals (gold and bronze, primarily), tools, honed blades, symbols of wealth, the flow of pure potential. They reach into the muck of the world and pull forth glittering, mutable truth.

    Sesha-Hebsu are the scroll and the sword, the weight of judgment, feathers, reeds, ink, symbols of judgment. They are the law and the lawmen, arbiters of orthodoxy and merciless executioners.

    Su-Menent are incense smoke, spilled blood, animal pelts, rotted flesh, cries of pain and devout chanting, engraved skulls, burnt bones. They mend the living and speak to the dead, and cross those lines freely.

    Tef-Abhi are clay and steel alike, the sacred geometry, carved idols, chalk dust, the wellspring of power trapped within mortal man. They build the past and tear down the future in order to make their vision manifest.

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      That's really cool. Thanks!