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    It COULD be possible. The "second personalities" are one of the unique things about one of the Merets of Rio. I'd have to reread his writeup to see what his personality is like. If I recall, hes a pretty sick and sadistic monster. But yeah, that meret is ostensibly made up of worshippers of Moloch, and are these weird sub-personalities created by a massive semi-sentient artifact called the Iron Bull that converts human sacrifice into Sekhem. Its possible that the Bull unknowingly channels demonic beings into its servants. It seems that the Bull does a lot of things automatically without "thinking" about it, such as slowly realizing innocent children make better sacrifices than criminal adults do. For my own games, I decided that prior to being in Carthage, the Bull was in the Minoan kingdom of Greece, and before that, somewhere in the middle east. Its a pretty interesting evil relic, with some really cool implications. I wouldn't be shocked if it rewrote these mummies into various demonic creatures that Moloch might've been "friends" with in the outer darkness or in Duat.


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      Originally posted by Cleverest of Things View Post

      Osorehe, the Basalt Tower of Forgotten Dreams (Guildmaster, worshipped as Ogoun)
      Nekhakha, the Flail of Eternity
      Beset Khered, the Progenitor of Duality (Worshipped as Oxumare)
      Aapep Medes, the Moon Snake (Second personality: The Viridian Vizier)
      Chatuluka, the Drowned Princess


      Khons-Neb-Ankh, Master of the Paths of Life


      Bantanath, the Artificer of Secrets (Guildmaster, second personality: The Scarlet Queen)
      Hes-Sedjet, the Empress of Azure Waves (Worshiped as Iemanja)
      Sa-Khonsu, the Oubliette of Flowers (Second personality: The Ebon Princess)


      Husani, Reviver of Dead Things (Guildmaster and South American First Prophet)
      Sacmist, the Prince of Storms (Worshipped as Xango)
      Kekewey, the Hunter of Divinity (Worshipped as Oxossi)


      Hamset, the Hand of Azar (Guildmaster)
      Amun-Rubi, the Granite Sphinx (Guildmaster)
      Anak-Em-Tanen, Inciter of Forbidden Visions (Worshiped as Exu)
      Ib-Sheta, the Guillotine of Innocence (Second personality: the Golden King)
      Menefes, the Crimson Lion (Worshipped as Erinle)


      Sefetjaw Saret, the Butcher of Wisdom


      Sharifa, the Forgotten

      Updated to include the names, but not page numbers yet. Thank you!

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