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  • You know... with each 2e book having multiple cities and settings.. it'd be fun to see the same city in two different eras for two settings, in addition to Tokyo and the others. Just to show how much a given Nome changes over time in a non setting book concise fashion. I'd also love a Bleeding Edge 5th turn and an Infinite Macabre turn 6.


    • Here's another idea: the Pyramid Chronicle. Release 2E in 3 core books (kind of like D&D does).

      Book of the Arisen: Contains everything that a newly Arisen would know, including basic rules, affinities, guilds, Utterances, and how to direct Cults. Chapters are arranged in order of rising Memory.
      Book of the Scorpion: Contains everything that a player would need to be a member of a scorpion cult, including sample Mystery Cult Initiation status, sorcery and ritual systems, and Sadikh creation systems
      Book of Judgement: Contains the secrets of the setting along with rules for creating vestiges, vessels, Shuankhsen, Deceived, and Amkhata.

      Mage: the Ascension - Redesigned Prime Sphere; Streamlined Wonder Creation
      Mummy: the Curse - Lightweight 2E Conversion; Disciples of Duat


      • Originally posted by reseru View Post
        Given that it's a thread about second edition Mummy I don't see how saying that we want the game's setting information consolidated is out of place.
        Agreed. Especially in a game that draws specific attention to dinstinguish itself by having secret history unknowne to the players and having a separate storyteller's section.

        Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
        One minor thing worth noting; while Cairo is fun and the first place to spring to mind when one thinks of Egypt, I would love to cover Alexandria for both being slightly less overdone and also hosting some of the fiercest fighting in the Anglo-Egyptian War during the 1880s.

        Unrelated topic, but what would you all want from a Tokyo setting for Mummy? I imagine the local Arisen community is very small and largely recently arrived, and the regional powers probably don't want them meddling in the area.
        Alexandria has the Library, but Cairo has the oldest still extand university in the world. And Giza. I think it wins.

        While hardcore Buddhist monks who've essentially mummified themselves are more often associated with the Himalayas, Japan has them too. So Tokyo could seed the notion of other mummies - be they Lifeless, Twice Risen, something outside the Arisen's categories, or a myth - without going any further into the subject. Otherwise... what reseru said; the city hasn't been good to them. While full-on kaiju are excessive, the city might play host to an unusually large collection of amkhata.

        Originally posted by reseru View Post
        The Sothic Chronicles.

        Supernatural occurrences are typical in any age, but the Sothic Turns are like a flood compared to a high tide. For beings that literally predate history, how does this fourth Turning challenge them in ways new and unexpected? In an era more socially and technologically connected than ever, when mortals connect to those on the other side of the world, threats are everywhere. For the Arisen it's a time of loss as man turns his back on traditional mysticism, but for their enemies it's a time of more: the Shuankhsen feed more, the Deceived re-unite with each other more, amkhata pierce the veil more.
        One of the things I like about Mummy is that it plays down immortal future shock, in that mummies are used to waking up to find the whole world has changed in them, and by now are fairly good at dealing with it. The extreme level of change in the modern world can play this up or down - and it can parallel the modern world with Irem - the Arisen are, after all, from a place with rapidly developing new technologies, revolutionary communications, and concepts now commonplace that didn't exist a couple of centuries before - so the modern world could feel oddly like home.

        So yeah, I'd go for a deep time chronicle, with flashbacks, forgetfulness, cults changing between awakenings for better or worse, long-term plans and adversaries, and the endless question of how relevant the Arisen's missions are the world that now exists.

        Oh, and this:
        Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
        And IIRC, Sothis Ascends includes mention that a Sothic Turn isn't just a time when all of the Arisen… arise; it suggests that if you want to do strange things with time (such as having different eras interact with each other), the Sothic Turns provide a perfect justification for it. Heck, it even suggests the possibility of the next Sothic Turn getting involved.

        Two mechanical changes I think I'd favour...

        Add a new reason for awakening: a crime within the purview of the PC's Judge taking place within a certain radius.

        Replace meditation for refilling pillars with something more active. The mummy has to act (and succeed) in a way that fulfils the purpose of that part of her soul.