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Spoiler Alert: Constantinople and the Arisen

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  • Spoiler Alert: Constantinople and the Arisen

    So, we know from Sothis Ascends that during the 6th century CE, Constantinople was lousy with Arisen. You've got the Azar Devoted with their shadow Church, the Order of Ízft with their secret library under the Hagia Sophia, the First Chorus with their architectural conspiracy, several other large Merets tied up with the chariot teams at the Hippodrome (though some or all of these may have disbanded and/or scattered following the Nika riots), and at least a few Su-Menent who established a presence in the city in the wake of the Plague of Justinian. On top of that, we know that some time after Constantine made Byzantium the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and a center of Christianity, the Heretic found that the Sesha-Hebsu had attempted to form a functioning government of the Arisen in the city (though their efforts may have been disrupted by one of the Deceived posing as a Su-Menent).

    However, according to the "After the Fall" chapter of Dark Eras, by 1453 there were no Arisen in Constrantinople at all. More than that, the city was home to a major nest of Shuankhsen, who deliberately sought to draw Arisen to the city during the course of Mehmed II's efforts to rebuild and repopulate the city, in order to devour them.

    Now, I suppose it's possible that over the course of the Byzantine Empire's long decline, the Arisen who had kept their tombs in Constantinople all simply decided to leave of their own free will. The sack of the city during the 4th crusade, its recapture by the Palaiologos dynasty, and the subsequent outbreak of plague in the city might all have prompted Arisen cults to wake up their immortal patrons and advise them to abandon the city.

    Nevertheless, it seems odd that the Arisen would have so completely abandoned the city. I have a feeling that there's an untold story here, and perhaps another explaining how the Arisen eventually regained a foothold in the city by the time of the Great War.

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    On the more mundane front, both the Fourth Crusade and the Ottoman invasion saw widespread looting and fires that gutted the city. Even without the help of hungry, vengeful Shuankhsen, you have numerous Tombs being plundered twice over the course 200 years.

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      Blame the Order of Izft.

      Matthew Dawkins
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        I would, but I'd feel a fool trying to shake my fist at the heavens and yell "Izft!" I'd probably have to double-check the pronunciation, which would really kill the drama. :P