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Example Cult: The Tyr Project

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  • Example Cult: The Tyr Project

    I know some people struggle with the idea of building a Cult from scratch (both narratively and mechanically), so I figured I'd make some ready-made ones that can be dropped into an existing game with ease. This is the first of many: the Tyr Project, a support group for disabled veterans that blesses its high-ranking members with visions of their role to play in the divine battle to come.

    The Tyr Project:

    America's various wars across the last century have seen an astonishing number of veterans return home with disabilities, often missing limbs and eyes, or severely burned; the asymmetrical nature of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in particular have seen many soldiers gravely wounded by improvised explosives. While these men return home alive, they deal with even greater struggles than their physically unharmed peers. For men who pride themselves on physical ability, the loss of strength and senses can be debilitating, and they often turn to support groups like the Tyr Project for physical therapy, general help, and the chance to bond with others who understand what they're going through.

    So named for the Norse deity who lost his hand, the Tyr Project has stayed small since its birth in 2007 but has attracted a dedicated membership in the years since. At its lower levels, the Tyr Project is a perfectly mundane support group, meeting several times a week in a few cities across the United States to discuss their experiences over cheap brunches; those who display a particular spiritual aptitude or saw things they can't talk about are initiated into the higher ranks, entrusted with occult secrets. These men are taught a myth about how their duty to their nation has ended, but their duty to their brothers and to Tyr has just begun. Valkyries will carry them to heaven when they die, but they must be ready to be called upon for one last battle should the need arise. The Arisen patron of the cult reveals their true form to these chosen few, and instructs them to prepare for the coming Ragnarok. While rarely called upon, these warriors take up their old sidearms and even older ritual knives to destroy the enemies of their maimed god.

    Cult (6 dots, Enterprise): Reach 3, Grasp 2, Compartmentalized, Wrathful

    Mystery Cult Initiation:
    1: Gain a Specialty in Socialize (Group Therapy).
    2: Gain the Allies (Tyr Project) Merit at one dot.
    3: Gain the Witness Merit.
    4: Gain the Unseen Sense (Lifeless) Merit.
    5: Gain a minor Relic with little power of its own, a large knife made of shining bronze with +1L that counts as a supernatural attack for the source of injuring creatures that ignore or downgrade mundane sources of harm.
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